OMG! A Hair Salon Is Now Using Nutella To Dye Hair

This is not a hoax peeps, it works!
Getty Images
If you’re hungry, click away coz a hair stylist in Dubai has started colouring hair using the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella, mixed with a can of condensed milk.
The clip was shared on Instagram and begins with a woman’s brassy blonde locks being coated with dollops of Nutella and drizzled with condensed milk. *drools*
After the obligatory ‘waiting with tin foil on your head like a total Martian’ phase, the woman’s hair colour is revealed as a light, ashy brunette.
Obvs it’s not permanent. Mostly just unique and delicious… and not that harmful either coz zero chemicals! In an interview with the Metro, the salon advises that the subtle colour will keep for around few weeks depending on the hair: ‘Colour aside, Nutella is good for the hair as it makes it more shiny.’  
However as you’ve probably already guessed, most comments on the video are just crying about the waste of delicious chocolate spread!

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