Move Over Strobing, Stripping Is The New Makeup Must Have

The hottest new beauty trend
Getty Images
We’ve legit just nailed strobing and now the hottest beauty look is being over-shadowed (literally) by the new kid on the block: ‘stripping’. So what is stripping? Besides the saucy and NSFW (or school) type, it’s a new technique that uses bronzer to dust the high points of your face that the sun normally hits, giving you an uber natural and bronzed glow!

Want to know how? Of course you do! It’s soooo simple too, which is why we’re kinda obsessed. Just grab a not too shimmery bronzer (a little sparkle is fine but steer towards matte if you can) and dust the apples of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. Creating this horizontal line across gives your face a sun-kissed tan that’s much easier than contouring and will have peeps saying “Did you just get back from Bali?!”

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