Move Over Beauty Blenders, It’s All About The SiliSponge Now

Looks like a a heel cushion, works like magic
Molly Cosmetics

No, you can’t eat it but the internet is going CRAZY over the latest beauty innovation that looks like a raindrop cake. The SiliSponge by Molly Cosmetics is naturally already sold out, but when it’s in stock (or you can pre-order) it’s a measly $9 US for a tool that promises to blend your makeup with ZERO product wastage.

Looks like the beauty blenders days are numbered now, because this see-through gel ‘sponge’ is easy to clean and has a non-porous surface, meaning no nasties can get trapped inside unlike the beauty blenders (seriously don’t Google what a cut in half beauty blender looks like).

But cleanliness isn’t the only benefit of this clear jelly blubber (sorry, it just reminds us of those things on the beach), because it can be refreshed with just soap and water you can use it for literally any colour product during your makeup routine.

Here it is in action for foundation…

It’s also super useful as an alternative cushion for compact foundations…

So what do you think? Crazy huh? Will you be snapping one of them up?

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