Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s makeup line is finally here

We're been waiting for this one!

Even if you’ve never heard his name, which is pretty unlikely, there’s no doubt that you’ve already seen makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s work. A titan in the world of makeup, he’s responsible for some of the most iconic makeup looks and trends over the past decade, not least of all Kim Kardashian‘s signature neutral-toned glams. After many years of waiting patiently, fans are finally being treated to his first official makeup line. Makeup By Mario, which takes its name from his Instagram account boasting nearly 8 million followers, is finally here.

Dedivanovic first got his start in the beauty world after getting a job at Sephora when he was just a teenager. Now, 20 years later, the circle has been completed. His makeup line Makeup By Marion is launching on October 1st, straight into Sephora’s waiting shelves.

“I decided I wanted to do makeup in my little 17-year-old mind. Sephora is where my dream began. It’s where I would manifest and dream that I would do something significant and make my mother proud,” Dedivanovic, shared in an interview with People.

“So just the thought of that when I walk into there and I’m going to see I’m on the gondolas it’s just… I just can’t believe it,” he adds.

Maybe it’s the violins or seeing Dedivanovic’s throat choke up and swallow as he looks at his stand in the below video, but we’re getting emotional here. 🥺

As for what’s in the line? The inaugural collection features a mixture of tools and products inspired by colours found in the human body and his decades of experience hosting makeup masterclasses all over the world.

With 21 products in total, here’s an overview of what we’re working with. There are three eyeshadow palettes: Master Matte, Master Metallic, and the hero of the range, a Master Metals set, which is designed to be scooped, mixed and blended in a removable tray. They can also be mixed with an enhancing liquid to create custom eyeliners or more a stronger foil-effect.

We’re also very intrigued by the Master Secret Glow, which looks kind of like an empty blush compact until you realise the product is actually a clear balm designed to add a long-lasting and non-sticky sheen to the skin. Given the continuing popularity of the ‘Glass Skin’ trend, it might be one to try! If, you know, the summer isn’t getting you sweaty enough already.

There are three bouncy-textured illuminators, an eye priming ‘prep and set’ palette, five makeup brushes, a brightening pencil, a liquid liner, and finally, some oil-free makeup removing wipes to round out the range.

There’s no official word yet on when we can expect Makeup By Mario in Australia and if it’ll find it’s home here at Sephora, but when we know, you’ll know.

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