Make Your Teeth Whiter At Home With Just Two Simple Ingredients

We LOVE a good DIY beauty hack!
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Especially one we can do at home (where no one can see!) And although this one may look a bit gross, science says it works! So were all over it. So who do we thank for this hack? Beauty V-logger Farah Dhukai.

What two ingredients do you need? Coconut oil and turmeric (Surprise surprise with the coco oil!)  And…what do you do?
1) Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil with a pinch of turmeric to create a paste
2) Brush your teeth with said paste
3) Wait 5 mins (with the paste still on obvs)
4) Rinse off
5) Admire your pearly whites!

Although you may not exactly be blinded by the results, science says it should work! Turmeric is known to help remove plaque, which is the stuff that causes your teeth to lose their white colour. And coconut oil is known to help remove stains! But seriously, is there anything you can’t use either of these two ingredients for? Especially coconut oil, we might just a take a full on bath in that stuff. 

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