Lucy Hale just hopped on the copper hair bandwagon

She pulled of this transformation in her kitchen sink!

The celebrity hair transformations over this year have been plentiful, and Lucy Hale just dropped another one. In a wildly impressive example of an at-home dye job, the Pretty Little Liars and Katy Keene actress just took her signature super dark brunette hair to a fiery copper red shade.

The look was assisted by colourist Kristin Ess, founder of her eponymous haircare brand. Ess is a natural redhead herself, so it makes sense Hale trusted her with the dramatic transformation. 

“Lucy Hale has had every hair colour under the sun except red,” Ess captioned her Instagram post of Hale’s new hair. “My lil’ colourist heart is full and now we officially know this chick looks good with any hair colour.” She also revealed that the pair got COVID tested together beforehand.

“I’ve always had the feistiness of a redhead so this is fitting ❤️,” Hale replied to her colourist.

Over on her own Instagram, Hale debuted the look with the same video, writing simply, “did a thing,” tagging Ess and dropping in a redhead emoji. 

Even more impressive though, is that the pair pulled this off in Hale’s own home. Taking brunette hair that much lighter is no mean feat, but Ess got crafty and turned Hale’s kitchen sink into a makeshift hair-washing station. Hale can be seen carefully laid over her kitchen bench, feet propped up as her hair is rinsed out.

The dedication, we love to see it!

Lucy Hale red hair

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