Lottie Tomlinson Shows Off The Coolest Twist On The Biggest 90s Hair Trend

She's bringing it back in a big way and we dig it.
Getty Images
Hair wraps were HUGE in the 90s, but the humble wrap has gotten ~quite~ the makeover and reached it’s final evolution as: Hair Tapestry. And Lottie Tomlinson (Louis’s super trendy sister) is totally owning this!
While we won’t be doing them at home anytime soon, Lottie has shown off the intricate piece of hair artwork from Bleach London on her and Lou Teasdale‘s Insta and fans are obsessed with the cute emoji design.
We predict the trend will take off in a big way, it has been hanging around since Coachella 2015 so it was only a matter of time before it took over our feeds.
There are kits to do it at home but since it involves weaving many strands of hair, we’re going to track down somewhere in Oz that will do it for us. Would you try it?

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