Kylie Jenner’s Been Sending Out Empty Kylighters & Customers Are NOT Happy

How will Kylie Cosmetics explain this one?!

Kylie Cosmetics is no stranger to controversy and once again they’ve been called out for a ~major~ stuff up.

As you probably already know, Kylie Jenner launched her new line of Kylighters (highlighters, get it?) a few weeks ago and just like every other KC product, they sold out in just one day!

Customers everywhere have been ~dying~ to get their hands on the $22 Kylighters but many have been left disappointed and angry because their boxes are — get this — EMPTY!


Turns out there’s more to the Kylighter drama than we first realised. YouTuber John Kuckian has now brought to everyone’s attention that Kylie Cosmetics has also been sticking labels over the name of certain highlighters to cover up another name!

(Credit: Instagram)

John even brings up the fact that some people have found hair and dirt caught in their Kylighter packaging! #gross

Check it out below for more…


Outraged Kylie fans are NOT holding back on Twitter about their empty Kylighters…

Yikes! Kylizzle herself hasn’t addressed the awkward blunder but it does look like her KC team are taking care of it.

Of course it’s great that they’re sending out new Kylighters but can they not even apologise? 

Clearly customers aren’t that worried though because the highlighters all sold out AGAIN after a second restock. Hopefully those packages actually have the product this time!

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