Kurt Coleman Dishes His Secret For A Flawless Fake Tan

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He’s sassy, he’s confident, he’s #PerfLikeKurt! Kurt Coleman, the social media sensation sat down with GF to discuss the important things in life, like how to take the perfect selfie, get a ~flawless~ fake tan, and what his fans can expect from him at AMPLIFY Live!
Hey Kurt! Are you excited for Amplified?
OMG yes, I’m excited!
So what can fans expect from you at the show?
I’m not going to say too much, but I’m just going to be doing my thing, and I’m excited to share that with an audience again, it’s so much fun!
Awesome, and who else are you excited to see?
Well I made friends with a few people last year so I’m excited to see them again. Me and Jamie Curry have hung out a few times and we just get along really well, she’s an awesome person. I’m just super excited to meet everyone, I love sharing a room with people who are talented and I love hearing their life its awesome, so I’m really excited for that.
Your tan is always on point, what’s your secret?
My top tip is that you have to get it all off before you out new one on. Like, obviously I’ve gone over it so many times before, but it just makes it look ugly and dirty. I think that you just need to out heaps on. I don’t know why you’d get a spray tan to look natural. Like that’s obviously not the point! It’s so stupid when people do that, but you know, whatever. I put gradual tanner over my spray tan like every day so then it goes darker every day. It stays on way longer, so that’s definitely a secret. It’s amazing.
So if you were stuck on a desert island, what three items would you bring?
I would definitely take a professional camera cos you could take, like, amazing photos in the desert. I would probably take some spray tan,  too.
You probably wouldn’t need fake tan in the desert…
Oh yeah! I might be able to get a real tan out there to be honest, but you know, just in case I need it. I think that I would also take a toothbrush. I would hate to have not clean teeth cause that’s just disgusting. Literally, I cant go anywhere without my toothbrush because you just don’t know- I just need to always have it on me because its just gross if you don’t. Oh! And hand sanitizer!
What’s your tip for the perfect selfie?
You literally have to look into it and just feel the energy, and like you have to love what you’re looking at. To be honest, like I’ve been doing It since I was 5 years old, that’s why I’m so good at it.
What song is the sound track of your life?
Probs ‘Why Are You So Obsessed With Me’ by Mariah Carey, that’s literally about me. I could sing that and know its about me, I know every word. And I love just bitchy songs; like I love ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears cause it makes you feel so sassy. Love it.
You can catch Kurt at this year’s AMPLIFY Live! Tickets on sale now! For more info head to   

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