EXCLUSIVE: Hyram Yarbro Divulges The One Skincare Fad He Is Over

“If you want to create a trend about something, maybe do it with a different product.”
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Gone are the days we had to rely on the beauty advice of our older sister (who still used St. Ives Apricot scrub). Now, we have a big brother of skincare – Hyram Yarbro – to turn to with all of our questions.

With over 10 million subscribers and followers on YouTube and TikTok combined, the 25-year-old expert knows exactly what our skin needs.

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When it comes to a daily skincare routine, Hyram has spent a lot of time learning exactly which type of products our faces need day in and day out. But if he was forced to choose one step in the process above all else, the TikToker confesses he’d choose sunscreen every time.

“I have always said that sunscreen is the most important step in the skincare routine because it prevents a lot of the problems that we spend years trying to get rid of down the road, and it also helps to protect against skin cancer and premature aging,” Hyram tells Girlfriend.

Hyram has amassed over 10 million followers and subscribers on TikTok and YouTube collectively. (Credit: Instagram)

“I’ve always been a believer in, if nothing else, just using a sunscreen. People have said to me ‘I don’t think I can do a skincare routine, what’s one product you think I should use?’ and I’m like ‘Above all, sunscreen is just the most important thing you can do and build it up from there’. It’s so much better, I’d say, than using a different step and not integrating a sunscreen into your routine.”

The importance of correctly applying sunscreen cannot be understated. And it is for this reason that a recent TikTok trend involving the product, which sees users “highlighting with sunscreen” to achieve a natural contour, is concerning for Hyram. 

“One thing that I have been seeing people do is only place sunscreen on certain areas of their face or spreading information about how sunscreen causes issues on your skin or that it’s toxic or different things like that,” the YouTuber tells us.

Hyram continues: “When you’re already utilising a routine that may have exfoliants, retinols, and other agents that make your skin more sensitive to the sun – not being diligent about sunscreen is exponentially increasing the risk and damage you can see to your skin.

“I don’t like that there are certain trends about sunscreen in that way and, I’d say, if you have to be consistent with one thing, just be consistent with sunscreen. Apply it, reapply it, everywhere. And if you want to create a trend about something, maybe do it with a different product, but don’t touch the sunscreen.”

Girlfriend has previously spoken with influencer and social media activist Abbie Chatfield about the harm that some TikTok beauty trends pose to its users. Hyram agrees but also acknowledges the vastly increasing “resource of dermatologists” that “quickly debunk” any misinformation with regards to skincare.

“I’d say compared to where (TikTok) was even like five years ago where I only ever saw DIY skincare tutorials and all this random stuff and advice that was not coming from anyone within the space, I think this is a much better position to be in.”

You heard Hyram, leave sunscreen alone. (Credit: Instagram)

Hyram’s passion and knowledge surrounding skincare is what led him to create his own range, Selfless by Hyram. According to the TikToker, its creation was both stressful and rewarding.

“For the first few years essentially working on it, it was very stressful but in a good way, because I think, for me, launching a brand without that attention to detail wouldn’t be OK with me. Since launching it’s just been a sigh of relief and it’s just been so cool seeing the positive response.”

What’s more, Hyram’s range also helps provide clean drinking water and protect tropical forests from deforestation. With skincare and philanthropy being his main passions in life, the YouTuber stresses he is “so fortunate and grateful” to be able to make a career out of the combination, emphasising just how critical ethical and sustainable skincare is in the current climate.

“I didn’t want to start a skincare brand until I realised it could be a catalyst for social change and, for me, I was looking for an opportunity to be able to use my platform to channel it towards bigger issues and social good; it was only when I realised that pairing my passion for skincare with that desire would fill a really big void in the space.


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He continues: “Having been in the cosmetic industry for a while, it’s an amazing industry that’s focused on self-empowerment, self-beauty and self-love, but in this exploding space that consumers know is very profitable, I felt that there needed to be more focus on philanthropy and social good and talking about bigger issues, especially in this current climate with the world rapidly descending into climate change and so many different problems happening around the world; human rights problems, lack of access to basic resources.”

Hyram goes on to say how “encouraging” it is that Gen Z as a generation is “extremely passionate about social issues”. And he hopes that because “people really believe in the mission”, this will start more conversations about how to utilise these platforms to bring attention to important issues, as well as offer solutions.

The 25-year-old says that philanthropy is “pretty much the central focus” of his brand. “My team kind of has to remind me: ‘Hyram, remember people are interested in skincare, talk about the skincare, don’t just talk about the social change part’ and I’m like ‘I know, I just love it so much. I’m so excited about this’.”

Selfless by Hyram is available in all Sephora locations –  in 29 countries – as well as online.


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