How To Get The Perfect Top Knot

From study ready to coming from the gym, this versatile look is a must

A top knot is legit the most practical hair style. Whether you’re wearing it for study, keeping your hair off your face to go to the gym or just casually getting red carpet ready like the celebs, it’s super handy. Here’s how to get the look in three easy steps!

(Credit: Getty)

Step 1:

Spray some hairspray on your hands. WHY? As you scoop your hair up to the crown of your head to prepare it for a really nice, tight ponytail, the hairspray stops the flyaways from popping-up and give you some grip on your locks.
Then, separate the ponytail into three separate sections for a nice tight plait.

Step 2:

Place your thumb at the front side of your ponytail knot and wrap your plait around your thumb once to give it some height. Loop the remainder of your hair around the base of the loop you just created over your thumb and tuck it into the back side to be ready for pinning.

Step 3:

Pin the looped ponytail down as quick as you can with french hair pins. They have more curves and work better in giving the hair texture while setting the hair really well. Place them in small ‘X’ shapes.
Lastly, brush a light smattering of hairspray over your head to catch those flyaways like you did at the beginning and you’re done!

(Credit: Getty)

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