2. Waxing
If you’re into the no-fuss approach, head to a beautician and get waxy with it. TBH, it could take a bit of practice to get this right at home so we wouldn’t recommend it unless you have A LOT of waxing experience. It’s hot and the skin on your face is very sensitive.

3. Threading
Again, you’ll have to go to a beautician to get this done but the old-school technique gives amazing results. Basically two bits of cotton thread are pushed and pulled to ‘lift’ (sorry still hurts) the hair out of the skin. You can get super accurate results so if you only want to remove the hair off your top lip or on the sides, this is good for you. 

Now all of these are temporary so if you want a permanent solution for darker hair, you’ve always got the option of laser too! Just start saving those pennies because it can be a little pricey.