Here’s How To Braid Your Own Hair

Once you learn you'll never look back

Anyone who has tried to follow a YouTube tutorial on braiding their own hair knows the struggle is real (us included). So we called in the big guns and asked Priceline Pharmacy Hair Director, Kenneth Stoddart exactly how to pull off a braid.

“Braiding is something you do by feel, so it’s best to try a braid at the front of the head so that you can see what you are doing and master the feeling of holding three sections of hair and crossing them over,” advises Stoddart. “Ensure your hair is a little dirty, otherwise the hair will be too slippery. This will also help if you don’t have any texturising sprays on hand.” Follow these tips for an Insta-worthy do.

Step 1

Start prepping the hair by adding some gel to get a gritty texture. Section the hair into a deep straight side part all the way from the front to the back of the head. Slick all the remaining hair into a low, tight ponytail.

Step 2

Start with a diamond shape section at the front of the part and split this into three small sections. Cross the outer section under the middle section and then cross the other outer section under the middle section.

Step 3

Once you get started and each little section has make its way under the other, grab a bit of hair to incorporate into the braid as you work your way down the side and nape. Keep the sections tight to the head and this will start to form a braid on the ‘outside’.

Step 4

Work your way down to the nape and tie off. Add this to your ponytail and iron the ponytail to complete the look.

Step 5

Finish with a spritz of shine spray to add polish to the hair.

Voila! Now you’re a braid champion!

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health Australia

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