Hailey Bieber just revealed the secret to her eyebrows

And it costs less than $10!

Heads up folks, Hailey Bieber just revealed the secret to her sickening eyebrows and, surprisingly, it’s damn affordable.

In a new interview with ELLE, the 23-year-old model opened up about her eyebrow journey and her regretful over-plucking habit. 

“When I was a teenager, I plucked my eyebrows really badly,” she told the outlet. “I went through that phase where I thought a thin eyebrow was the way to go.”

“So after I went through that, I let them grow in thick and not really have a shape. Once they came back in, I started slowly getting them shaped.”

What one product does Ms. Bieber recommend? The one true beauty item for her brows that stands the test of time? Well, the au naturel: castor oil.

“I do think castor oil does help them to grow,” she admitted to ELLE. “When I was trying to get them to grow back in, I put castor oil on them every night.”

What is castor oil and where can I find it?

Castor oil is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil that comes from castor beans. While it is often used for hair, beauty stylists have been using it to regrow their brows for years.

“Use 100 percent castor oil if you want to take a natural route to grow out your brows,” stylist Giselle Soto told Teen Vogue

While you can find cheap bottles of castor oil at your local Chemist Warehouse, Briogeo offers a 45ml bottle of high quality 100 percent organic and cold pressed castor oil for $40 on Sephora’s website.

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