Glow in the dark fashion and beauty is having a moment right now

The latest trend that comes straight from the ceiling of your childhood bedroom.
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Okay so, we’re all aware that throwback ’00s and ’90s inspired fashion and beauty is truly back stronger than ever. You only need to glance at your Instagram before spotting someone wearing chunky highlights, braided hair tendrils or wide-leg jeans. Bella Hadid, the reigning champion of retro style, has just debuted a new manicure that’s also giving us some nostalgia. Her new set of ~birthday nails~ are a twist on the classic French-tip style, but feature some adorable glow in the dark designs. 

Created by in-demand nail artist Mei Kawajiri, Hadid’s set features some very cute flowers and mushrooms. Think cartoony and psychedelic rather than super realistic. Is anyone else having flashbacks to those glow in the dark stickers you could slap on your walls and bedroom door? That were impossible to remove by the time you decided you were done with them?

Luckily, we can at least leave nail removals to the professionals.

In a close up of the manicure, you can see how detailed the little hand-painted mushrooms are. This is definitely a nail art trend to try if you’ve got a decent chunk of time on your hands, pardon the pun. Hadid also shared a picture of the manicure to her Instagram stories in its full glow in the dark glory.

Bella Hadid nails glow in the dark

Hadid’s manicure comes swiftly after music megastar Bad Bunny’s sell-out glow in the dark Crocs collaboration—and it’s got us thinking about experimenting more with glow in the dark beauty and fashion.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s definitely an impactful trend to play with for a socially-distanced trick or treat. And even if you don’t have the steadiest of hands, we reckon some freehand glow in the dark freckles would be just as cute as a detailed eyeliner look.

We’ve dropped some of our favourites for experimenting with glow in the dark beauty and UV-light activated beauty below.

Glow in the dark eyeliner

Suva beauty eyeliner

Suva Beauty Hydra FX eyeliner, $21.50 from Beauty Bay.

Glow in the dark nail polish

Glow in the dark nail polish

Glow in the dark nail polish, $6.38 from Everything Glows.

Glow in the dark body paint

Glow in the dark body makeup

Glow in the dark body paint stick, $6.05 from Everything Glows.

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