Get Cara Delevingne’s Winged Eyeliner With These Celebrity Makeup Artist Tricks

If you've ever attempted a winged liner look, you'll know how easily it can go from almost perfection to an absolute mess.
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Well celeb makeup artist Rob Scheppy, whose clients include Kendall and Kylie Jenner, spilled to E! how we can all get Cara Delevingne’s perfectly winged liner. 

“The first step would be to grab your favourite liquid or felt-tip liner,” Rob said. “With it, you’re eventually going to make a really thick line, so take it in strides.

“Start by making your first line of liner as close to the lashes as possible and build up from there until you get the desired thickness.”

Then you start on the wings, which Rob says can be perfected with a playing card!

“If you wanted yours to be straighter than Cara, there’s an easy trick you can do with a playing card,” the OG Kardashian glam squad member said. 

“Use its edge as a ruler, place it in the spot you want and trace away. But because hers is more curved, you’ll need to free-hand it a little and flick up your eye liner.”

Another amaze tip he gave was to keep your eyes open whilst winging out your liner. “A lot of people do it with their eyes closed or looking down, but you look at others straight on, so why wouldn’t you want to know exactly how it would look?”
Now go forth and get those wings, babes!

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