Fight Acne While You Sleep With This Miracle Pillow

Sweet dreams and skincare.
Getty Images
Have you ever sat back and thought about how much time we spend fighting pimples? We’ve probably racked up more hours than Batman has battling the Joker! There might just be a lazy girls solution though because a company in the US has developed a pillowcase that will fight those breakouts while you snooze.
The future has arrived thanks to the Skin Laundry SleepCycle Clean Sleep Pillowcase (what a mouthful!). It’s a pretty simple concept too! Basically the case has silver ion technology that reduces the amount of harmful, bad skin causing bacteria by 99.9%, while keeping the good bacteria that makes us glow. 

It’s not available Down Under yet but anything that involves sleeping and getting rid of acne is worth noting in our books!

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