Aunt Flow and Mother Earth have been chatting, and they’re both keen on eco-conscious period care

So we're here to help you adjust to it

We’re going to ask a rhetorical question, but it’s going to hit a little close to home, okay? Hands up if you’ve ever been done dirty by your own period. Yep, as we suspected there’s a lot of hands up. 

Getting your friends to check your skirt after you’ve stood up is a key girlhood moment, but what if we didn’t need to stress about leaks? Or for that matter, what if we also didn’t have to stress about the damage our period products cause to the environment?

We’re filing the latter under ‘so not our fault’ but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to change it, right? With the government enacting the Sustainable Period Project we’re hoping that we can make a difference with changing up our strategies.

So, if you’re ready to make a change and help save the environment, here’s a few swaps you can make for a more eco-conscious period…

Here’s how to have a sustainable period

Period Underwear

period undies

When it comes to your period’s visiting time there’s a serious amount of discomfort. And if you’re so over all the period product fiddling that comes with it, we’ve got the perfect alternative. Underwear. Sounds kinda crazy right? But these aren’t your ordinary undies. Nope, Modibody ($24-30 at Modibodihave created a line of leak-proof (ultra-comfy) undies that work to wick away your period. 

Yep, like magic your undies absorb the blood and you don’t have to worry about checking for dreaded leaks, or even about adjusting anything. With underwear available for different levels of flow you’ll be able to literally find your perfect fit. 

Menstrual Cups

saalt menstrual cup

The future of periods is here and it’s coming in cup form. If the thought of changing your tampon or pad in a public place makes you feel uncomfortable (relatable) then this long-wearing pick could be your new time of the month bestie. 

Okay, yes wearing a menstrual cup is going to take a little bit of getting used to. The finessing of finding your rhythm getting it in and out will totally come to you, but we suggest experimenting with wearing it at-home first. 

But if you’re ready to stop the menstruation waste, Saalt have a teen-friendly menstrual cup ($47 at Saaltthat gives you 12 hours of leak-proof protection. And it lasts up to 10 years. 

Reusable Pads

reusable pads

We get it, washing up after yourself can be a bit dire. And it’s probably the one thing your mum is going to say no to washing for you. 

But that’s okay, because it’s a pretty simple routine. Soak, wash cycle, air dry, repeat. Easy right? Yep, sure, you’re going to have to have a few on hand to be able to see you through a couple of days. But you’re going to feel a lot better wearing this one. And you won’t have to experience that awkward feeling of trying to quietly open a pad in a public bathroom again! 

Get stocked up and buy a whole day and night set with B Free Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads ($174.95 at The Iconic)

Sustainably-Sourced Disposable Items 

biodegradable period products

We get it, making the switch to totally reusable sanitary items can be tough. So, if you’re going to pick up a pack of tampons or pads why not opt for the  biodegradable, organic kind? Giving you the same peace of mind your regular choices do but without any of the nasty chemicals. The TOM’s Organic ($6 at Woolworthsrange offers breathable, eco-friendly, plant-based materials that are still seriously absorbent. 

Now you can be one with nature (well, in a way), knowing that you’re doing your part in cutting down menstruation waste products. And yes we totally get that these products are more expensive than picking up a pack of tampons at the shops. However, if you do the girl math on how long you’ll use these for then it all equals out! But hey, here’s hoping period care will be free someday soon…

Main Image Credit: @oliviarodrigo

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