Elle Fanning just shared a makeup-free selfie with a nod to this very common skin condition

We didn't think a selfie could be so low-key and yet so important!

If you’ve been following actress Elle Fanning during this year of isolating and staying at home, you’ll know she’s pulled some very creative makeup looks. We reckon her latest, which appears to be completely makeup-free, might actually be the best one yet. In a series of recent selfies, the star of The Great highlighted her eyelid eczema, captioning the post, “Eczema but make it eye shadow 😜.”

Eczema is the more common name for a skin condition called atopic dermatitis. It’s a common type of skin condition that can be quite uncomfortable depending on how severe it is. Fanning’s low-key post is a very chill way of shining a light on the condition (skin positivity, y’all!). We love.

While her eyelids probably conjure up memories of discomfort for eczema sufferers, her post is a nice way to demonstrate being comfortable in your skin even if you’re experiencing a flare-up. In the photos, she wears her golden blonde hair in a relaxed half-up half-down style, as well as a couple of pieces of minimal gold jewelry.

Eczema can be caused by a bunch of different things: stress, cold weather, the sun and it often requires using gentler products made for sensitive skin. If you’ve spotted similar patches of irritation on yourself, heading to your GP or a dermatologist for some treatment options might be a good shout!

In the meantime, we’re inspired by Fanning to try to make jokes or make peace with our skin troubles

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