Do NOT Try This Viral Deodorant Makeup Hack

We know some of you are curious but it's a no from us!

Instagram beauty vloggers are the source of some the most breathtaking makeup inspo, but they’re also the source of some of the most out there hacks we’ve ever seen. Makeup guru Shabnam Khawaja is going viral after she showed her followers how she creates matte makeup using a deodorant stick but DO NOT DO IT. 

Shabnam uses a brand new one so dw about cross contamination and she says it’s great for keeping oil at bay. Here’s the video that started it all…

Most of us would already be like “uhhhh no thanks”, but for those of you who are curious DO NOT DO IT.

Dermatolgist, Dr. Christine Choi Kim, told Seventeen that the side-effects are not worth any reward: “Using either an antiperspirant or deodorant on your face could lead to irritation, allergic reactions, and possibly breakouts. Deodorant alone just masks odours. Antiperspirants stop sweating from occurring… I would use a product specifically designed to keep your face matte.”

And there’s plenty of primers and powders out there designed to do just that, so stick to those please!

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