5 Things You Should Do Before Bed To Wake Up Feeling Amazing

The night routine for excellent mornings.

Anyone else kinda mystified by morning people? Doing a whole Miracle Morning routine that’s supposed to set us up for ~success~ throughout our day all before we’re on the bus just doesn’t happen sometimes. Sure we’d love to get some gratitude journaling, stretching and a meditation done before breakfast—but some days breakfast is all we can manage!

If you’re not into the whole morning thing either, allow us to offer a slightly different approach to setting yourself up for a great day: following a really great nighttime routine. 

1. Practice good sleep hygiene

Now, we all know that our evening habits can have a big impact on how good our sleep is. Chances are, if you’re up watching TikTok videos until 2 am every night and falling asleep with your phone in your hand, you’re not going to get the best quality sleep… just saying.

Great sleep is important for feeling well-rested, for concentration, for our bodies healing processes among so many other things.

Proper “sleep hygiene” essentially means focusing on doing things in the time before bed that relax your mind and your body. Think reading a book or listening to some chill music. Avoid things that are gonna be too stimulating or keep you up: spending way too long in a YouTube beauty guru drama hole, playing videogames, and late-night screentime generally.

2. Stick to your skincare routine

It can be tempting at the end of a long day to just grab your Face Halo, swipe your SPF and makeup off and call it a day. However, just like with sleep, a mixed approach to your skincare routine is going to get you mixed results!

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t wear makeup, or has a pretty minimal makeup routine, the sweat, dust and general grime that collects on our faces throughout the day does need to come off. Proper cleansing and toning can help prevent breakouts, as well as just being a really soothing process. We’d suggest slathering on a cleansing oil that’ll break down the bulk of whatever is currently on your face, followed by a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type.

Votary Cleansing oil

Votary Cleansing Oil, $95 from Sephora.

Facial cleansing bar

Gallinée Cleansing Bar, $20 from MECCA.

3. Choose smarter nighttime treatments

Is there any worse feeling than touching your face at night and *knowing* that the bump on your chin is plotting to emerge as a giant, annoying pimple?

One thing that pretty much anyone prone to acne could get behind is the Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers. These amazing (and discreet) bandages work to reduce the appearance of spots and help them heal faster by drawing out and absorbing the excess oil or pus that might be there.

Plus, because they form a physical barrier over the spot, you’ll hopefully be less likely to pick or prod at it—which could cause a wound that leads to hyperpigmentation that lasts even longer than the pimple would have. Nooo thanks. We’d much rather stick one of these Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers on and wake up to our spots which have shrunk overnight.


Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers Assorted 36 Pack, $10 from Priceline.

4. Eat a small snack if you’re hungry

So often we’re told not to eat late at night. In a world that’s obsessed with diets (which science shows over and over don’t actually work), it’s pretty common to hear the advice that eating late at night isn’t good to do because your digestion has “slowed down”.

The thing is though, going to bed hungry is another thing that can disrupt your sleep. Listening to your body if it’s hungry and learning to tune into what you really need helps in pretty much every situation, not least of all when it comes to setting yourself up for a great day. A snack like fruit, a small handful of nuts, or some crackers and hummus will help ward off hunger without causing you to get so full your sleep is disrupted.

5. Empty your thoughts into a journal

Ever find yourself lying awake at night, and even after a relaxing bath, reading a few chapters of your favourite book and a candlelit skincare routine, you’re still having trouble winding down and falling asleep?

As well as taking care of all your external stuff, one thing that can help set you up for an effective day is taking care of your headspace. Journaling any reflections, worries or thoughts about your day can help you put your thoughts in order and mentally sort out your day. Journalling daily has been shown to have a tonne of benefits, including improving your sleep and reducing stress.

If there’s something specific that’s troubling you, writing it out can help you figure out a way to approach it. At the very least, it can help in getting it out of your brain and onto a page to deal with when you’re not about to go to sleep.

Lead image via Anthony Tran.

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