Bella Hadid Shows You How To Do Her Everyday Makeup In Under 5 Mins

Her first beauty vlog is SO good!

Bella Hadid is on her way to becoming a triple threat! Besides being a model, the babe is adding beauty vlogging to her repertoire! In a new vid for US Vogue, Bella teaches us how to overcome those jet-lagged under eye bags and look fresh. 

Using her beautyblender (if you don’t own one by now GET ON IT!) Bella casually puts on her concealer, pumps up her brows and contours with a magical stick. She reminds us that “imperfections are still beautiful” though and you’ll get all warm and fuzzy.

She is SO down to earth! It’s refreshing watching a makeup tutorial that looks a lot like what we do every morning. You’ll want to bookmark this fresh faced look…

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