Addison Rae reveals she skipped this super important skincare step—until now

The TikTok star just shared that she's been making a pretty fundamental skincare mistake!

Addison Rae is one of many celebs and TikTok stars who have launched their own beauty line in recent times, but it turns out even up-and-coming beauty moguls skip a step or two. In a brand new video detailing her skincare routine, the 19-year-old dancer revealed she’s been skipping a skincare step that most of us have had drilled in as essential: sunscreen.

In the video, Rae shared that she recently started using sunscreen, EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 to be specific. Apparently, despite knowing that it was important, Rae hadn’t actually been using any until very recently. So who’s to thank for the SPF tip? Her friend Kourtney Kardashian. The bottle she’s using was itself a gift from the Kardashian sister, who she says told her it was great for her skin.

Rae explains that she likes applying sunscreen under her makeup, adding that “I just started using it, so hopefully my face will no longer get sunburnt.” Girl?! You were getting sunburnt and you still weren’t wearing sunscreen?! “The freckles I have on my nose are just from being in the sun a lot, which is why I’m wearing my sunscreen from now on,” the TikTok star admitted.

Thankfully, she did note the easier and safer way to experiment with a popular freckled beauty look: using an eyebrow pencil to carefully dot some fake freckles on, her own brand, Item Beauty, of course. If you’re looking to try the cute look yourself, have a squiz of this super simple guide to fake freckles.

You can watch Rae’s full skincare routine video here, though if you’re looking for legit skincare advice we’d say leave it to the experts. 😉

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