Name: Tamara Davis
Job: Editor of Girlfriend and Total Girl
Snapchat: tamtamdavis
Insta: @_tamaradavis_

What’s a day like for an editor?
I get in around 8am and answer a heck of a lot of emails. Then it’s coffee number one for the day as I check any fresh layout designs and copy waiting for my approval. Once the day is underway I tend to be in a lot of meetings – from catching up with the editorial team to forward-plan the content for our upcoming issues to meeting our Fashion team to review styling for the next few shoots. I also check in with the Marketing and Advertising teams to talk about the cool campaigns we run, like Girlfriend Model Search, and the brands we might want to partner with. (Sometimes I need to head out and meet with our advertising clients – I always have extra heels under my desk for those times!) I’ll also speak to the Digital team throughout the day to look at how our channels are performing. If I’m lucky, I get a bit of time to research and plan for where I see these magical brands evolving into the future. Oh, and there are about 3 more coffees between all of that action. I usually get home after 8 (yes, it’s a 12 hour day) and Netflix it up until my brain can no longer function.

How did you get your job? 
When I was 17 I scored a pretty coveted spot interning on the news desk at The Australian newspaper. Despite the excitement of front-line reporting, I knew I wanted to write about fashion - so I took some initiative and wrote a story which I dropped on the Fashion Editor’s desk. It was a bit of a risk, but she ended up running it the next week and that was my ‘in.’ (She later told me no other intern had ever done that before, which made her take notice.) She took me along to Fashion Week, introduced me to important players in the industry and I started writing for lots of mags after that. My first full time job was at Grazia mag, where I worked my way up to Fashion Features Editor. A few years later I made the transition to working in Marketing as Editor for the fashion brand Supre. The motivation behind this was to better understand the commercial side of fashion and to build my digital skill-set (super important these days, obvs). I think that’s what gave me the edge when I interviewed for this role. The publishing industry is changing – we’re live 24/7, our reader’s needs are changing, and we have to be able to adapt and provide for that. If you’re going into publishing and you’re not excited about digital, it’s probably not gonna work out.

What's the best thing about working at GF?

You can have the coolest job title in the world but I’ve found that true enjoyment and satisfaction comes down to the people you collaborate with and the work you produce together. I am so fortunate to work with the most talented, hilarious and motivated team out. They really are the biggest legends, and they inspire me every day. Also we get a lot of free treats so that’s pretty great too.


Name: Claire Low
Job: Deputy Editor – word enthusiast, chip-eating champion and wielder of the ‘your copy is due NOW’ stick
Twitter: @clairelow
Insta: @clairelow_ 

What does your job involve? 
Well, there’s a bit of errythang. To take it from the top, I sit around with the team and we bounce ideas around for the mag; the Editor and I work out the features list, I assign stories and then make sure everyone sticks to copy deadlines. I get the privilege of being GF’s first reader – I read everything ‘raw’ and try to catch major dramz before they turn into even bigger dramz later on. I also write features, cool compile pages like the ‘GF Edit’ and ‘20 under $20’, look after the advice pages and shoot food. By the way, shooting food is great because I EAT EVERYTHING you see in the pages of GF. I also do way less sexy stuff, like building the flatplan, which is the thing that controls where each page sits in the mag – moving pages around can be like trying to compose a haiku while playing a game of chess, but know what? I actually love it! #nerdlyf

What were you doing before GF? 
I began life as a word-person as a teenage freelancer, then a Canberra Times cadet. I spent six-and-a-half years at the newspaper, since it was damn cool – I got to cover news, features, fashion, food and wine, sports, courts – you name it! Once I decided to make the leap into mags, I worked at Total Girl, which is like GF’s little sister magazine. When we merged, I started living it up in the land of Zayn, Gigi and hilarious Snapchat filters. 

Best thing about GF HQ is… 

How it feels like hanging with a gang of my pals and we just happen to be working on a product for you. Also – I don’t mean to brag, but sometimes we get sent ice cream cakes and doughnuts. Haha. I am totally bragging about this. 

Three qualities a deputy editor needs… 

1. Ideas for days. 
2. Feedback-giving skillz. 
3. A love of deadlines.

What advice do you have for teens wanting a career in mags? 
Write as much as you can. Make opportunities happen by being ~that~ person, the one who shows she is unforgettable (in a good way!). 

What's the biggest misconception about mag land? 
That making the products we make is easy! Ready for a tortured metaphor? You know how a ballerina looks beautiful, effortless and graceful, but you never see the effort and strain, the literal blood, sweat and tears involved in her dancing? That’s kind of like GF – when you see the product, you can’t see the amount of hustle and effort we put in every month. But it’s totally worth it.



Name: Ewan Corness
Job: Senior Sub-editor

What's a normal day like for you? 
WORDS. Well not all words but mainly words. I’m kind of like the bridge between the writers and the editors and the art departments. What happens is first I’ll grab a story once it’s been designed. Then I make sure all the words fit in the layout, so I might have to add text or cut some out (usually cut). Then you check spelling, grammar, make sure it makes sense, is factual, rub your eyes, check it once more, then pass it on to the editors. They’ll make a note of any changes they want and give it back to me, I’ll make their changes and hopefully at the end of that process we’ve got a page with no mistakes that looks pretty!
What did you study at university?  
I was studying to be a teacher! I wanted to be a Film & Media and English teacher but I didn’t get to finish the course – halfway through I was offered a job as Deputy Editor on a basketball magazine so I quit uni and took the job. Worked out for me, just know dropping out of uni isn’t for everyone.

How did you score your gig at GF?  
Believe it or not I actually worked at GF ages ago. A friend of mine was the Art Director and they needed someone to fill in as a sub for a couple of weeks so I jumped in and helped out. This time I had to go through the usual channels to get the job though – saw it advertised online, applied, got called in for an interview, charmed everyone’s socks off (HAHA) and got the job!

Biggest misconception about working in mags?
That it’s not great? I don’t know what the misconceptions are! (I’ve worked in magazines my whole life so am kind of living in a publishing bubble I guess.) Just know it’s hard work, the hours can be long, deadlines are dumb stressful at times, but when you see the magazine you helped put together on the newsstands it’s an amazing feeling! (Also, some people might try to tell you we get to hang out with celebs all day, that part is totally true. GFHQ is lit.)


Name:  Jess Lynch
Job:  Entertainment & Content Writer
Twitter:  jesskalynch
Insta: gf_jess
Snapchat:  jesskalyn


What’s a day like for an editor? What do you do? 
I get to write a bunch of awesome articles for you guys, as well as chat to heaps of celebs about anything and everything. Oh I also write reviews so you guys can stay up to date on the latest music, movies, games and shows!

What's the best part of your job? 
Getting to hang with everyone from The Vamps to Pia Mia to Geordie Shore’s Gaz and Charlotte!

What's the biggest misconception about working in mags? 
That’s it’s all fun and games – don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a day in the GF office that we don’t all crack up laughing or do something absolutely ridiculous for the sake of Snapchat, but it’s also a lot of work and a lot of deadlines. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else, though!

Who’s the most famous celeb you’ve ever interviewed? 
That’s a toughie! I can’t even pick. Maybe Troye Sivan or Zendaya?

Any tips for how to act in front of A-listers? 
Supress the urge to fangirl out and tell them how much you love them (it’s really tough…) and just treat them like a normal person, coz they really are just like us.

Kristy Koutsogiannis


Name: Kristy Koutsogiannis
Job: Fashion Editor
Twitter: @GF_KristyK


What does your day involve? 
I'm going to play into that “Mag Girl” cliché and say no day is the same. For instance, yesterday I was in the office going over emails, sitting in fashion feature meetings and then in the afternoon I popped over to the studio to play dress ups with a very cool blogger for an upcoming issue. While today I was out in the morning for some press showings!

How did you get your job? 
By never leaving the GF office. I applied and scored myself a fashion internship at two magazine titles, one of them being Girlfriend. After a year interning for free and working hard, learning the ins and outs of the industry, an amazing opportunity came up to be fashion assistant and I haven't looked back since!!
What's the best thing about working at GF? 
I love everything about working for Girlfriend. From the cool celeb shoots I get to style, main fashion shoots on location and of course every single person in the GF office. Everyone is so welcoming and hardworking it’s hard to ever have a bad day at work!
Who are you fashion idols? 
1. Kanye West. Kanye West needs no explanation cause he’s Kanye West. 
2. Grace Coddington. She is one of the best stylists in the game and I wish I could style as cool as her. 
3. Leandra Medine. She started the “Man Reppelling” website and I follow her rules everyday when it comes to personal style. 

Your must-have item of clothing? 
This is such a tricky question as everything I own I freakin’ love and I think everyone should own EVERYTHING. Though the must-have item everyone should own is a perfect leather skirt, you can dress it up or down or in-between. 

Lisa Lira
Job: Junior Fashion Stylist
Insta: @lisalira_

What does your day involve?
On an average day (not saying my days are average because they’re pretty epic) I'm emailing PRs requesting amazing pieces to feature in our mag, out on appointments visiting showrooms to view designer’s latest collections and organising upcoming shoots where I’ll chat to photographers, hair and makeup artists, and fab reader girls.

How did you get your job?
The ol’ school way – interning! I worked in a fashion cupboard unpacking all the goodies we would shoot then sadly return them. I interned a few days a week for about two years. 

What's the best thing about working at GF?
Besides creating amazingness that you see in Girlfriend – ha! – working with the sickest bunch of people makes every day a dream. 

Your must-have accessory?
A watch. I can justify the purchase since it does two things – obviously tells me the time AND it looks delicious on my wrist. 

What’s your top style tip? 
You do you. I always dress for myself, in what makes me feel happy and confident – and if I say so myself – I always look great!


Name: Cassie Steel
Job: Beauty and Features Writer

What’s life like for a beauty writer? 
Full of exciting deliveries! I get sent AMAZING beauty products, and trying them out is part of my job.  

How did you get your job? 
I made a meme and attached it to my resume (haha).

Best thing about working at Girlfriend? 
The snacks, the team and being creative every day!

Your best beauty trick? 
Bed hair, don't care! Make friends with textured hair powder and every day is a good hair day.



Jocelyn Hendrata

Name: Jocelyn Hendrata
Job: Art Director

What do you do?

As the Art Director I primarily manage the art team and take care of all things visual. I ensure all the designs created by the art team align to our style guide and vibe. I design big ticket items including the most important cover and approve proofs before the mag goes to print. I also take care of any other visual extensions of the brand, such as cover mounts, poster books and diaries.


What's the best part of your job?

I love seeing my work out there on the newsstands. A lot of time and effort goes into producing the magazine and its products so it’s nice to witness people enjoying it.


And the hardest part?

Pushing creative boundaries but staying within our style guide. Keeping up with trends and understanding the audience.


What's the biggest misconception about working in mags? 

That we just have fun and meet celebrities. Yes, we have plenty of fun and meet celebs every now and again, but at the end of the day we’re a business and we focus on building and maintaining an awesome reputable brand. This involves a lot of time, effort and creativity.


Any tips for future designers?

Be proactive, learn new programs and surround yourself in all things art and design. Whether it’s attending art shows, galleries or meeting like-minded individuals who are interested in different fields of art. You never know what will inspire you.


How did you get your job? 

I did a Bachelor of Design at the University of NSW’s College of Fine Arts. At uni I did work experience at a printing shop as a graphic designer and print assistant, followed by full-time work at a design studio. I was fortunate enough to gain some work experience at Total Girl, which turned into a full-time gig. Then a design position opened up at Girlfriend and a year or two later became Art Director across Total Girl and Girlfriend.


Best part about your job? 

Getting to work with such a great team! They're so inspiring, passionate and talented in their field of work.


Most challenging part of your job? 

Consistently coming up with creative and different covers every month! While it’s challenging, I see it as problem solving and it’s so satisfying to come to a creative solution that I’m proud of.



Sybella Thompson

Sybella Thompson
Job: Senior Designer

What does your day involve? 
Lots of designing! Anything from page layouts to packaging design and inspirational posters! We also do a lot of illustration, so I spend a bit of time doing that too!

How did you score you job? 
I was working for a photo agency when the Photo Editor position at GF came up and I got the job. A few years later and a design course under my belt I moved into the art team and am now the Senior Designer!

Best thing about working at GF? 
The awesome staff, they make the crazy deadlines worth it!

Three qualities that a designer needs? 
Attention to detail, being able to think outside the box (while still working within the style guide!) and patience – deadline can often mean lots of last minute changes.

Any tips for designers wanting to work in mags? 
Definitely read and expose yourself to different types of magazines and the many ways you can execute a story. It's also great to keep an eye online for interesting ways to engage a reader, especially with how important online is right now. Applying for design work experience and internships is also a great way to get your foot in the door.



Name: Malloree Nicholls
Job: Picture Editor / Junior Designer

What does your day involve? 
I get to draw, play with colours and look up pictures of (hot) celebs all day… it's a hard life. 

How did you score you job? 

I studied Graphic Design and Communication for three years and tried to learn as much as possible. I was actually interning here first when the gig opened up and I was first in line!

Best thing about working at GF? 
The awesome girls I get to work with of course! And the hot guys wall we got going on doesn't hurt either…

Three qualities that a designer needs? 
A good eye for detail, the skills to put it together and the creativity to keep on coming up with new ideas. 

Any tips for designers wanting to work in mags? 
Defs brush up on your Adobe InDesign skills (all day, erryday) and learn everything you can about typography.



Name:  Caitlin Griffith-Pecset
Job:  Picture Editor
Twitter:  caitlin_gp
Insta: caitgp
Snapchat:  caitgp



What do you do?  
I find all the pictures that go into the mag to bring the stories to life. I spend a lot of time looking pics of Tay and pizza which is pretty great :D

How did you get your job?  
I started off as a coordinator at another magazine where I learnt a lot about how a mag comes together, I was interested in the art side of things so when this job came up I jumped at the chance and luckily I got the job.

Three qualities a picture editor needs?  
A good eye, the ability to think laterally and be a team player.

What career advice can you give people interested in working in mags? 
Never say no to an opportunity and be prepared to work your butt off, magazines are not as glamorous as they seem!


Name: Lucy Bode
Job: Editorial Coordinator

What do you do?  
Well every day is different! I do lots of different admin tasks to keep the office running smoothly, take care of the GF Snapchat account and look after the workies too. I also write stories for the mag and do super cool things like organise photoshoots and interview ~muy~ hot celebs (cough, Mikey and Luke, cough).

How did you score your job?
A little bit of patience and a LOT of persistence! I signed up for work experience pretty much everywhere until I landed an internship at another mag, but then I saw this position GF up for grabs and I knew I had to apply. I'd always dreamt of working in teenland and actually couldn't believe it when I ended up getting the job! It was a total pinch me moment (tbh it still is!).

Best thing about GF HQ?
That it's perfectly acceptable to use emojis on the reg and spend your days debating life's most important questions (like what colour you'd be if you were an M&M, and whether or not Miley and Liam are legit back together. (Like srsly guys, I NEED TO KNOW ALREADY.))

What makes a great GF workie?
Def someone who is willing to give everything a try and go the extra mile with any tasks that we give them. The more effort you put in, the more you will get out of your time here at GF. So in short, show lots of initiative and ask all the questions!

What's the best way to apply for work experience at Girlfriend?
Fill out the work experience form on our website and email your completed form to work



Name: Danielle Kirk and Joshua Politano
Job: Digital Content Producer

What do you do? 
D: The internet. All the internet. So we write online stories, manage the website AND the social media platforms.  
J: Keeping up with the Kardashians (and every other celeb known to man) is a big part of our role! We write all the articles you see online, as well as make sure the website looks good/works and help manage ALL the socials.   

How did you score your job? 
D: Besides a degree in Communications and Media, I had a fashion blog (which will remain buried on the internet), writing and website management from my previous role. Plus I spent a lot of time on Facebook so it just made sense.
J: I studied event management but kinda fell into this field while helping out the digital content team at my last job, which eventually led to me scoring this gig. 

What does your day involve? 
D: We have hourly deadlines so we start early and scour the interwebs for celeb goss or fun stories our readers will love (hot tip: when in doubt, visit Justin Bieber's Instagram). We then divide and conquer; writing and posting the stories EVERYWHERE.
J: Mainly trying to decide which stories are newsworthy (no easy feat!), A LOT of writing, posting across all our socials and monitoring comments. 

What is the best part about your job?
D: When something goes 'viral'. It's just so satisfying. 
J: Watching a story go OFF in real-time (we see what you’re clicking *non-creepy wink*).

What is the most challenging part?
D: Trolls! Or when something breaks on the website and you genuinely have no idea how it happened or how to fix it.
J: When you spend FOREVER on an article and no one cares (how did everyone NOT wanna see a definitive timeline of Miley and Liam’s relationship?!)