• Oscars highlights - in gifs!

    by Carina, Entertainment Ed. | Mar 05, 2014

    Missed the Oscars? No probs.

    Entertainment Ed Carina watched it so you didn’t have to.


    This year, instead of falling asleep after the opening monologue, I decided to watch the Oscars and take notes. Here are my notes. Note: Awesome gifs are included for those who don’t like to read.


    For Jennifer Lawrence falling over in expensive gowns is totally her thing. She did it last year at the Oscars while heading up on stage to collect her award and this year she tripped on a cone on the red carpet, clawing someone’s back on the way down mind you. It was awesome.



    If I was handing out the awards I’d be giving everything to Jared Leto. His hair, his suit, his mum everything about this guy is spectacular. Also I think he had a spray tan. Can’t confirm this but dayum he’s glowing.


    (Souce: milaanholeti) 


    (source: iblamejared)


    I fell asleep when Anne Hathaway started talking but quickly woke up when she announced Jared Leto’s hair won best supporting actor.


    Sleepy dog and kid gif
    (source: daddy-newbie)


    Pharrell’s hat – for those who were worried – is back! Sure, it’s the only thing differentiating him from the tiny kids dancing next to him on stage, but who cares. Guys, it’s back!


    Pharrell's hat is back! Pic: Getty



    Pharrell's hat is back! Pic: Getty



    Dear Zac Efron, as usual you looked fiiine! But dude, you had one line and you messed it up. No worries though. Most people (me) were too mesmerised by your face to notice.


    (Source: fyeahzef)


    Ellen took selfies with a bunch of really rich people. Once again Jared Leto’s hair looked perfect!



    Lupita looked stunning and for that I forgive her for winning over Katniss.


    (Source: kikerowling)


    Pizza! Seriously Jared? Can you stop being so adorable?

    (via Entertainment Weekly)


    End of notes*


    *The truth? I fell asleep again and missed the good bits. Which movie won best picture? Anyone? Anyone?

  • Beauty How-To: Matte lips

    by Mel, Beauty Editor | Mar 03, 2014

    Matte has become the new EVERYTHING when it comes to lips, and it’s sticking around as a mega trend going into winter. But it can be a little tricky to get right, so I’ve made a handy guide (featuring scary close ups of my lips) to getting your matte on.

    Start With A Lip Pencil
    Forget everything you thought a lip pencil did. That is, forget about drawing a wonky line around your lips, clown-style. The best way to use a lip pencil is to colour your entire lip in. This prevents obvious edges, but also provides the perfect base for a matte lipstick, since pencils aren’t glossy. Pick one as close to your lip colour of choice as possible.


    Matte lips - Start With A Lip Pencil

    Ulta3 Lip Liner in True Red, $2.95
    Ulta3 Lip Liner in True Red, $2.95,


    Add a lipstick
    Matte lipsticks tend to be pretty dry, which is why a lip pencil base is important – you’ve already got your colour, you just want to bump it up. Apply using a lip brush if you have the time – you’ll get better precision.


    Maybelline New York Color Sensational Bold Matte in MAT4, $16.95
    Maybelline New York Color Sensational Bold Matte in MAT4, $16.95, 1300 369 327


    Finish with a pigment
    Newer on the scene, a pigment is basically a really concentrated “whack!” of colour that you can use anywhere – eyes, cheeks – and lips. Lightly tap using your index finger across your lips to amp up the colour. I love adding an orange pigment over an orange-based red lipstick to really get it to “pop”.


    Essence Tribal Summer pigment in Na-Rock, $4.25
    Essence Tribal Summer pigment in Na-Rock, $4.25,


    Look at you, you gorgeous matte-lipped thing! 




    What’s your fave colour to rock a matte lip with? Tell us in comments!

  • Top 5 looks from Fashion Week

    by Wendy, GF Editorial co-ordinator | Feb 27, 2014

    All the best beauty bits from fashion weeks around the world

    If you’re even a little bit into fashion, beauty, Kendall Jenner or world news you’ll know that we’re on the last leg of fashion week, which takes us through NYC, London, Paris and Milan. While the clothes get most of the attention at these things, I think the beauty trends are way more exciting, and definitely more attainable than a $10000000 coat. So here’s some beauty inspo from fashion week…


    Under-eye eyeshadow


    Under-eye eyeshadow. Pic:
    Topshop Unique FTW14. Pic:

    Someone at Topshop took “eye shadow” literally and put it under the peepers of all the models at their show. How bad-ass! The key to this look is to keep the shadow as close to the lower rim of your eyes as possible. And then go over it with smudge brush, keeping your upper lids pretty clean with a thin stroke of eyeliner. It’s totally different, genius, and more edgy than a cliff. And it’s Topshop, who can do no wrong in my eyes, so I’m all for this trend taking off.


    Barely-there shiny pink eyeshadow


    Barely-there shiny pink eyeshadow. Pic:
    Proenza Schouler/ Marc Jacobs FTW14. Pic:

    This is my kind of makeup - easy, subtle, and pretty without being too girly. I’m wildly fond of this trend, and my eyelids are batting excitedly for me to get a pot of cream shadow in this color that I can swipe on everyday. Alternatively, you could use a balm on my lids, and then swish a bit of pastel-coloured eye shadow over it. Sweeeeeet!


    Kiss me blurred red lips


    Kiss me blurred red lips. Pic:
    Vivienne Westwood Red Label/Prada FTW14. Pic:

    Like most on the runway this season, this trend seems super achievable. You can also get this look (and a sugar headache) by drinking red cordial all afternoon, or by balming your lips and then dabbing lipstick all over your mouth. Don't worry if you go a bit over the lines or don’t exactly hit them– this look blurred and soft, than precise.


    Questionable trends…

    Boring hair


    Boring hair. Pic:
    Marc Jacobs FTW14. Pic:

    Bub-bye Ombre, sayonora balayage, seeyalater streaks! This winter, we’ll all go back to having hair that’s one color and one length. And had the life straightened out of it. I’m not a fan of this robotic cut, but I would like to give a warm welcome back to headbands! If Marc Jacobs can make you a thing in New York then I can make you a thing in my life!


    Bleached eyebrows


    Bleached eyebrows. Pic:
    Alexander Wang FTW14. Pic:

    Wherefore art thou eyebrows? I’m not a fan of this look coz I prefer brows bushy, bold and if you dare, darker than your hair (see: Cara Delevigne and Beyonce). When I see a lady (or man or giraffe) with strong eyebrows, I always pay more attention because a good set frames and even naturally contours the face. Also, this look doesn’t doesn’t seem like something you can or should DIY at home– so, I think I’ll pass.

    That’s a beauty wrap. Now for a real wrap! I’ve got chicken and avo.

    Have you been following all the Fashion Week coverage? Spotted any trends you’d like to try? What’s YOUR fave wrap? Comment below!


  • Kanye is coming to Australia!

    by Carina, GF Entertainment Editor | Feb 24, 2014

    Oh, Yeezus!


    People it’s happening, Kanye (AKA God/Yeezus/Mr Kardashian/Nori’s dad) is getting ready to tour Australia in May with his mate Pusha T and people are really excited. I saw Kanye once and it was great! Until he started acting all Kanye and ranting about... actually I’m not really sure what he was on about but I do know he sounded sad and it went for 20 WHOLE minutes. Here are some other moments Kanye West was being Kanye West with gifs. Enjoy.


    “I’m my favourite rapper”


    kanye west animated gif on Giphy

    "I hate when I'm on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like, ‘oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle’." – yeah that sucks.





    Tumblr (totallytaylor-gifs)



    And how could we forget this, yo…


    “Yo, Taylor, I¹m really happy for you. I’m going to let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best of all time!”


    kanye west animated gif on Giphy


    “For me, first of all, dopeness is what I like the most. Dopeness. People who want to make things as dope as possible.”


    “Great job, belt loops, for keeping my pants up!” – Belt loops – the only thing almost as awesome as Kanye.



    “For me to say I wasn’t a genius, I would just be lying to you and to myself.”





    kanye west animated gif on Giphy


    “If I were to write my title like going through the airport and you have to put down what you do? I would literally write ‘creative genius’ except for two reasons: Sometimes it takes too long to write that and sometimes I spell the word ‘genius’ wrong. The irony.”  - Lolz.


    AND finally to the paparazzi: “Don’t ask me questions, man! Shut up! Don’t ever talk!” – So like never ever?

  • 5 denim pieces you need right now

    by Kristy, Fashion Editor | Feb 21, 2014

    One of the shots from our March denim main fashion
    Photo: Girlfriend


    Let's hear it for denim! 

    This March issue of GF has to go down in history as the most awesome of all time. WHY? Coz it's all about denim. Yep, denim is a fashion staple and it's practically my homeboy. I mean it's been with me on most first dates, it's there at my super important work meetings and EVEN helps me during break-ups (there was this one time I may or may not have been dumped and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch, eat ice-cream and wear my vintage power-shouldered denim jacket).

    So not only do I want to give my denim items a special shout-out for being awesome **WAVES AT JACKET** But I'm dedicating a whole blog to it, coz I know each and every single one of you loves denim just as much as I do. Hello, we all own a pair of jeans and denim shorts. So let's take a peek at the 5 crème de la crème pieces that you need NOW!!!

    Jacket, Asos, $95.06

    Jacket, Asos, $95.06
    The distressed denim, the high cuffs, the ghetto vibe — I'm in love. This piece is already saved in my ASOS basket, so go get it, before it runs outs. PSYCH I'm lying to you guys, it's already been purchased and is on its way to me. AS. I. TYPE.


    Shoes, Palladium, $79.95


    Shoes, Palladium, $79.95
    Seriously, who would have thought the universe was going to give me a pastel denim shoe? But it did, and it did it real good. Team with all things girlie and sweet, or grungey for that cool '90s vibe. Points awarded to the universe. 


    Shirt, Topshop, $80


    Shirt, Topshop, $80
    Blue wash, tick. High neck, double tick. Cool androgynous vibe, triple tick. Hello, this is a no-brainer, go get this top! I mean, I'm all about tomboy styling and this triple-tick top is all the world's perfections made into one. 


    Watch, Ice-watch, $149


    Watch, Ice-watch, $149 
    The coolest thing to come out of denim-land is this watch. SERIOUSLY, the straps are made completely out of denim, yes I said denim. Not only is it practical but it takes your denim-on-denim outfit to the extreme. Yes, I just said the word denim five, I mean six times. 


    Jeans, Pretty Little Thing, $63


    Jeans, Pretty Little Thing, $63
    You all know I am obsessed with leopard print, so when I saw these denim bad boys, I lost my shizz. It's the perfect marriage of two fashion staples and together they make one helluva cool piece. 

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