• All the reasons you'll love Divergent

    by Editor, Sarah | Apr 08, 2014


    Divergent poster

    I would bet my mum on you loving this movie. And I’m quite fond of her, so you know I’m serious. Here’s why.


    1. Theo James. According to a survey inside my brain, he may be the prettiest man on Earth, or at the very least the prettiest man on the screens right now. #solidfact. If the entire movie was just screen shots of his face, I’d still give up two hours of my Friday night to watch him, er, I mean "it".


    Theo James Divergent world premiere. Pic: Getty
    Theo James Divergent world premiere. Pic: Getty

    Also, here is him talking about his character,  Four:


    2. Because you loved the books. I bought Divergent on Friday and had finished it by Saturday. I ignored sleep, and social interaction of any kind – including even talking to my boyfriend because it was vital to my life that I finish the book. Also, said boyfriend really loved the movie and he doesn’t usually love anything that isn’t coated in chocolate so that’s a good sign.

    Divergent Book Cover


    3. It was still unexpected. Having read the book first can sometimes be a curse because (a) you know what’s going to happen, (b) it never happens exactly the same as the book and (c) the main characters never look like the ones you dreamt up in your imagination. This was all true except the part about Theo James as Four. He’s perf. BUT! I still managed to be surprised. And I guess that’s one of the things about movies vs. books – there’s so many visual tricks you can put in place that are, like, beyond imagination. I won’t give too many things away but there is definitely room for surprise.

    4. Tris is badass. We already know that from the books, but Shailene really does Tris a solid. It’s just so awesome to watch a film where the female lead is strong-willed and kickass, and the boy actually loves that about her. He doesn’t try to make her weak or outsmart her or show her up, he totally complements her. And for every time he saves her from something, she saves him right back. Now that’s a relationship. Well, if you can forget about the whole world-ending dystopian thing.


    Divergent Tris and Four. Pic: © 2013 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved.


    5. It leaves you wanting more. Now THAT is the real test of awesome, amirite? When you finish a book or watch a movie and can’t think of how you’ll fill that book-shaped hole in your life. That’s the exact feels about this.

    6. Theo James. Oh, did I say that already? Let’s revisit, and just look at his face again. Mmm.


    Theo James Divergent Berlin premiere. Pic: Getty
    Theo James Divergent Berlin premiere. Pic: Getty

    P.S. here’s a bonus one… without Divergent you wouldn’t have these memes...and then you wouldn't get to laugh at all the in-jokes that only Divergent readers would know. And that would be truly sad. 

    Divergent Memes Mean Girls. Source:


    Divergent Memes Mean Girls. Source:

    Divergent Memes Tobias. Source:


    Have you seen Divergent yet? Read the books? What did you think? Tweet me @gf_saraht

  • H & M Australia Grand Opening

    by Fashion Editor : Kristy K | Apr 07, 2014

    Stop everything you're doing, people… H&M, the king international retailer of the world (and also every fashionista's dream store), has opened its first official Australian store. All of the squeeeealllllllllsssssssssssssss! Team Girlfriend, i.e Sarah, Grace and myself, headed on down to Melbourne to check out its new digs, in the very exclusive GPO building in the CBD.


    Sarah, Grace and me KK shopping up a storm!


    It was a magical experience — so many gorgeous clothes scattered all over its three mega-levels, including menswear, womenswear, kids and even homeware. Seriously guys, it's heaven for everyone! 

    Amazing display of fun clothes.

    Better yet, the dudes in charge of H&M created a limited edition range just for us Aussies. This range is only available at the Melbourne GPO store — you can score yourself a cool fedora, maxi dresses and some super impressive fringe dresses. P.S. I went home with the fedora (Harry Styles owns one in a similar style, I just had to!).



    Rows and rows of uber cool mannequins...



    We were also entertained by the coolest DJ set ever. The ladies of HAIM spinned a mish-mash of '80s and '90s, which made the shopping experience next level. 



    Haim taking the stage and rocking out as the best DJ's ever!



    So GF readers, if you get the chance, hit up the store. Do it, it makes for one cool shopping experience! P.S. Tell me all about it on Twitter at GF_kristyk. I would love to know what you bought!!

  • What to do when you get a Very Bad Blind Pimple

    by Zoë Foster Blake, guest beauty writer | Apr 01, 2014


    Zoe Foster Blake


    Founder of all-natural skin care line Go-To and author of Amazing Face Zoë Foster Blake knows how to teach blind pimples a lesson.

    After 10 years as a beauty editor, I’ve learned a few tricks. The best ones are the ones that assist with very real, very annoying things like pimples, bad hair days, fake tan lines, ingrown hairs and even cold sores. Cute! 

    Today I will coach you through blind zits, which are the ones you KNOW are coming, you can FEEL and maybe even SEE them under the surface, but they haven’t erupted yet. My technique works, but only if you don’t pick or squeeze or attack it. Just follow the rules, and we all win. (Except for pimple, who loses quite badly. Sucked in to it.) 

    What to do when you get a Very Bad Blind Pimple:

    - Have all the products and tools and time you need. Do this at night so you aren’t rushed and don’t need to worry about your makeup/appearance in general.

    - Hold an ice cube wrapped in a few layers of tissue on the spot for three minutes on, then six minutes off. Do this twice, which will reduce swelling. 

    - Have a shower – the steam will help the head of the pimple come up.

    - Fill the sink with warm-to-hot water (but not so hot as to burn your skin) and dip a face cloth in. Hold the hot face cloth on the zit as a compress, until the face cloth cools. Re-dip it in the hot water, and hold it on the zit again. Do this for five minutes.

    - Take a breath: check Instagram, or have a Milo or something. This serves no purpose, it’s just more fun this way.

    - Apply a “drawing paste” directly onto the zit. This is a clay-like product that will bring the head of the spot up, usually as you sleep so that you will see the whitehead before morning. Invest in one – it will last you AGES since you use such small amounts. I love Mario Badescu’s Pimple Drying Lotion, which combines a drying salicylic acid liquid with a pink clay paste. Payot Pâte Grise is also great.

    - If, the next day, you have a red, tender area with no sign of a whitehead, NO TOUCHY TOUCHY! Just cover with concealer and set with powder so the shine doesn’t come through. Repeat the whole process detailed above at night. This might go on for a few days – be patient. On the plus side, some blind pimples never erupt and the whole thing just fades away. Imagine that!

    - When you see an obvious whitehead, it’s time to gently extract (ideally at night, so it can heal as you sleep). Do the hot water in the sink compress thing again for a few minutes to get the skin ready, then wrap half a tissue around each of your index fingers. Put a finger each side of the whitehead, then carefully, very gently, with NO NAILS INVOLVED push down on the sides, then kind of roll your fingers upwards to encourage the head to pop out. What you’re trying to do is get down deep and push the tail end of the white gunk up and out. Gross.

    - Once the whitehead is out – there should be no blood! – it’s REAL important you apply a purifying lotion with a cotton pad to the area (I like Garnier’s Pure Active Daily Pore Purifying Toner). This keeps infection away and will help it heal.

    - Leave it alone now. No makeup, please. (Although there are some concealers with pimply drying ingredients in them that will be OK if you cannot live without cover up.)

    - It will flake a little over the next few days; use something nourishing and healing on the area, like Go-To Exceptionoil, and it will be good-as in no time.


    Zit busting products


    What NOT to do when you get a Very Bad Blind Pimple:

    - Pick, pop or squeeze it at soon as you see it or feel like it’s on its way. THIS IS A WORSE IDEA THAN EATING DIRTY BIN SCRAPS. All it will do is give you a week’s worth of infection, redness, an impossible-to-conceal mess and a scar. Don’t do it. Not worth it. Ever.

    - Apply something too strong too many times and burn the skin. Whichever product or technique you use (even the ice and hot compress above are strong), it will work best if you do as recommended, not make it up as you go.

    - Draw attention to it by whining to everyone about your “huge zit”. No-one even noticed ’til you drew attention to it, you gorgeous fool! And even if they did, it’s no big deal. They get them too, you know.

    - Overcompensate with way too much foundation and concealer. It will only draw more attention to your skin. Apply concealer ONLY to the spot in question, not everywhere, and play up your eye makeup (if you wear it) to draw focus to those gorgeous jewels instead.

    - Track down the blind pimple’s family and threaten them.

    You can buy Zoë’s Go-To skin care at
  • 7 hilarious celebs on Twitter

    by Carina Rossi - Entertainment Editor | Mar 31, 2014
    *According to me, today.

    Ahh Twitter, the perfect place to stalk Harry Styles, watch celebs fight and be spammed by creepy Russian men “seeking girlfriend”. It’s also a great way to examine how truly funny celebs (or more likely their social media controllers) are. If you need a lol every day then you need to start following these twits.

    Anna Kendrick
    She’s the perfect balance between sarcasm and honesty and we’re obsessed.

    Mindy Kaling

    In answer to your question Mindy… Maybe, just a little?

    Ellen DeGeneres
    Over 28 million followers can’t really be wrong, can they?

    Kat Dennings
    It’s official! This crazy Kat is IRL funny too.

    Rainn Wilson

    He’s that dude from The Office US and he’s funny.

    Maude Apatow
    She’s the hilarious daughter of move director Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann so basically funny is in her genes.

    Aziz Ansari
    Parks and Recreation is what it is because of this man. Thank you, Aziz.

  • 5 highlights of working at Girlfriend Mag

    by by Editor, Sarah Tarca | Mar 26, 2014


    On a scale of one to awesome, working at GF is right up there with scoring a free trip to Disneyland with Josh Hutcherson as your tour guide. It’s not just that I get to work with ridiculously talented people every day, or that there’s always rad music playing… it’s also the little things like someone ALWAYS noticing your haircut or the fact that you’re wearing a slightly different shade of neon pink lipstick than yesterday.
    Anyway, since you guys always ask me what working at GF is like, I thought I’d give you my top 5 highlights.
    1.   Fashion has no bounds
    We definitely live in a fashion bubble here at GF. A bubble where you can wear absolutely anything in the name of style. Beanies to work? Absolutely. Shoes with pom-poms all over them? Hells yeah! In fact, we’re in such a bubble that it’s not until we enter the outside world and get some freaky-ass looks that we realise perhaps not everyone dresses like this for work.






    2. Debating celebrity hotness is considered “work”
    A conversation like this happened not so long ago. It lasted hours, it was heated, there were verbal punches thrown… and it was about 1D. Specifically, who was the hottest. This was a real conversation that took place in real time, in a real office. Now who doesn’t want to be paid to debate that?





    3.   KFC Fridays are a thing.
    OK, admittedly a new thing. As are pasta Thursdays and chocolate every-days. The point is we like our food. And we get so excited about it that we plan what we’re having for lunch at breakfast. Devil Wears Prada, you were so very wrong, mag girls definitely like their food. How else would we have the strength for such heated debates?

    4.   All the GIFs
    You know how we welcome people to GF? GIFs. And celebrate birthdays, farewells or the fact that it’s 4pm on a Tuesday? GIFs, GIFs, GIFs. Show me a person who doesn’t like a GIF and I’ll show you a liar. They make everyone smile. (No, this post was not sponsored by GIFs.)




    5.   “Cute animals” are a legit answer to everything

    We have pic meetings once a month where we decide how to best illustrate our stories. And pretty much every month the answer is: “cute animals!” or more specifically “turtle carrying a chicken” or “puppy hugging a sad bunny” or something equally as awesome. And I love that we can put these pics in the mag for you to enjoy each month. Plus, we also get regular visits from our adopted office corgi Space. See photo evidence of cuteness. #onlyinGF

    Space the corgi
    Space the corgi

    But really my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE thing about working here is you guys. GF readers are the best kinds of humans, and without you not only would we be jobless, none of the above would be possible.
    Got a question about working in mags? Wanna know why we like GIFs so much? Comment below! Or hit me up on Twitter @GF_SarahT

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