• Carina chats to American Authors

    by Carina Rossi - Entertainment Editor | Apr 29, 2014

    American Authors 

    On their recent promo trip to Australia I had the pleasure of chatting poolside to Dave and Zac (the cool dudes in the middle!) from US band American Authors. For those wondering, YES their hair is even more luscious in person and YUP they really are super friendly. Here's part of my chat...

    What's it like knowing people are listening to your music on the other side of the world?
    Dave: I think it's every bands dream to be played in other countries; it's a huge thing for us we've worked so hard at this and to see it all really reacting in other countries is a real treat.

    So tell me, how did you all meet?
    Dave: The band got together in 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts at Berkeley College of Music and we all met through friends of friends. Zac met James through song writing - Zac was president of the songwriters club at school - so they met that way and I stumbled in...
    Zac: Dave actually hit me up on Facebook before he even got to school, he was like, 'Hey man, I really like the style of music you're into we should totally be friends.' I think we only hung out once. But when it was time to look for a bass player we had Dave come along to the first rehearsal - he actually came and hour late with no bass - and he's been around ever since.
    Dave: And Matt has been with us from the beginning too.

    Starting out did you ever think you would be this successful?
    Zac: Yeah! I mean that was the dream. We've wanted to do music since we were small children and we went to college for music. You know, it was a no-brainer to drop out of school for music and do this full time. It was always the dream; it's been a hard road. We worked hard and we kept at it because we were determined to make it.
    Dave: We hate it when people say no. They said we couldn't do it so we've got to prove them wrong somehow, you know?

    Knowing you have fans in Australia must be cool.
    Dave: More than you'll ever know.
    Zac: We got so busy in the States we kept putting off coming to Australia but it's great to be here and we're really excited to come back and tour.

    If you could describe your sound in three words what would they be?

    Dave: Energetic, indie, pop.

    In five years where do you hope to be?

    Dave: Employed.
    Zac: [Laughs] I think we just hope to be making music that we love and release albums.
    Dave: And back in Australia, hanging at Bondi Beach.

    Now for the question you're probably sick of answering, what has been the best day of your life?
    Zac: Ha! We've been asked this a good amount of times. Every day is a good day though. How could it not be one of the best days being out here in Sydney, Australia, with wonderful people, sitting poolside, hanging? But I think signing into out label was great.
    Dave: For me it was hearing our music on the radio for the first time, it was an amazing day.

    Now for your listening pleasure, listen to the one song guaranteed to get stuck in your head, in the best way.

  • My Top Five Sephora Beauty Must Haves

    by Mel, Beauty Writer | Apr 23, 2014

     Sephora Logo

    So if you are a beauty addict like moi, you probably heard the news that Sephora, that magical beauty land full of happiness and rainbows – oh, and super amazing beauty products, is FINALLY headed to Australia. Sure, opening dates might be in 2015. But why should that stop us from daydreaming about our haul now? And with that in mind, I give you – “things I would literally rip out of other customers hands at Sephora”.



    Urban Decay Naked3


    1.    Urban Decay Naked3, $US54,
    My love affair with the Urban Decay Naked palettes began on a US trip with my fam three years ago. Everyone was saying this was the shadow collection you would never, ever tire of. So I bought it, and it was seriously love at first brush. So much love actually that I made my parents buy me the Naked2 palette, a second release collection with even MORE pretty nudes, on their next overseas trip. Naked3 was just released late last year, and I’ve literally just been harassing friends to take US trips so someone can buy it for me.

    Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in No. 8


    2.    Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in No.8, $US24,
    I have this secret adoration for country music, guys. I was a Tay fan before “Love Story” – seriously, she had this song called “Tim McGraw” and I used to play it on repeat and dream about frolicking in a paddock with a cute farm boy… anyway. The point is that Taylor rocks a KILLER makeup look – and her red lip can’t be beat. This is the exact lipstick she uses, and you can’t get it in Australia… that is, until Sephora hits our shores! Excuse me while I start hyperventilating.

    Sephora Collection Classic Brow Filler Brush #100


    3.    Sephora Collection Classic Brow Filler Brush #100, $US10,
    My obsession with makeup brushes has reached a pretty serious level. By that I mean I have a whole drawer for them. There’s just so many and they do all these things! It’s known around beauty-town that Sephora brushes are REALLY qual for their price. I am also obsessed with filling in my brows at the moment (Cara D, eat your heart out!) So this angled baby will do nicely in my beauty bag, thankyou very much.

    Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer To Go


    4.    Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer To Go, $US16,
    The HD Collection by Make Up For Ever has a massive following in the US, people love the stuff. It’s basically the kind of makeup you want for the perfect selfie – none of that weird ghost-face when the flash goes off. Because I haven’t had the chance to try it myself, I am going apeshiz over this mini primer – it’s the perfect intro to HD goodness.

    Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black EDP


    5.    Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black EDP, $US75,
    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been faves of mine since I was like six and Full House, this totally vintage show you have prob never even heard of, was on. Anyway back then they were cute scrunchie wearing kids. Now, they’re super-stylin’ fashionistas, and there is nothing from their fashion label, Elizabeth and James, that I DON’T want on my person. So I just know I will froth over this exclusive-to-sephora new fragrance of theirs.

    There you have it! If you see me in Sephora when it opens in Oz, you’ll know to stay well away from me if you are carrying any of the above in your shopping baskets.

  • Girlfriend chats to Martin Garrix

    by Carina Rossi, Entertainment Editor | Apr 14, 2014

    At only 17, Dutch DJ Martin Garrix has already played to massive crowds at the Coachella and Future Music Festivals and more recently has found himself signed to Scooter Braun’s management team (the dude responsible for Biebs, and crew). So after his recent trip to Australia I jumped on the phone to chat to Marty (I’m sure if we were friends he’d be cool with this nickname) to say hi and other things.

    **Note: For maximum effect read questions in an excited high-pitch girlie twang and read all answers in a cool Dutch boy accent.

     Martin Garrix

    Hi Martin! So tell me what made you want to get into DJing?
    I started playing classical Spanish guitar and in 2004 (I was eight or nine) I saw Tiesto performing during the Olympics. He was playing trance and electronic music and it was the first time I really got in touch with electronic music and from that point I started saving up some money to buy some CDs and a DJ set and I started messing around, nothing serious it became a hobby of mine.

    Did you ever think you’d be this successful at such a young age?
    No not at all [laughs]. It’s something that you can predict. I was also very lucky with the timing when we released “Animals” and the hype around it. I make music because I love to make music. Some people like to draw and paint I like to make music - it’s just a hobby. I get happy when I get a new track and I can show it to my friends and now there is an even bigger group of people who like the tracks I make and it’s really crazy. I don’t know how to describe it because I still do it in my bedroom, I make a track and see it on YouTube and it gets over 40 million views and I’m like what the f*** is this?

    Does this mean you’ve quit school?
    Nah, I am attending a special academy for producers and musicians and it’s really nice. It’s really helping me and it fits my schedule and they give me homework to do while I’m on the road.

    What’s an average day like for you?
    It depends sometimes if I have a free day I like to hang out with friends and family just have a normal life. On a studio day I am playing music and I’m in the studio trying to create new stuff and working out melodies and playing new Martin Garrix music. And if I’m touring I’m traveling every day and playing shows at night. I really like all of it.

    Is it strange knowing you have fans all over the world?
    That’s also really unreal I don’t even know exactly where each country is and then I’m playing a sold out show somewhere and I’m like what the f***. That’s the power of the internet. Nowadays the internet makes the world so small. If I put a track on YouTube people can watch it in Australia and watch it in the US and in Europe and that’s really nice.

    You’ve played a number of festivals what has that been like for you?
    I played on the main stage with names like Macklemore  - who I look up to - and they’re playing on the same stage in the SAME DJ booth, it’s one big goose bump launching experience.

    Congrats on being signed to Scooter Braun, that’s a huge deal, right?
    Yeah definitely a big deal! They’re known for their really big pop artists, they haven’t signed any producers or dance artists. So when they came to me and said they would like to work with me and on my fan base and the US market, I was like holy f***. With their power we can make some really crazy things, I have some great collaborations coming up.

    What are your tour must-haves?
    I love it when my friends join me for my shows and my family, sister my mum and dad and my girlfriend. I don’t like it when I’m traveling with only my tour management, I’ve been doing a s***load of shows and if I don’t see people from my home country it’s kind of hard so usually they fly to be with me for a few days and they make me feel like it’s home - that’s the important thing.

    What are you currently listening to?
    I’m obsessed with Disclosure and Flume. I listen to a lot of different genres I like to listen to pop, I like to listen to trance to deeper house. I don’t really have one specific genre I listen to.

    Check out his video for 'Animals'. You're welcome!

  • Beauty How To: A Smoky, Smudgy Eye

    by Lou Teasdale, guest beauty writer | Apr 11, 2014
    Beauty How To: A Smoky, Smudgy Eye. Photo: Masha Mel
    Beauty How To: A Smoky, Smudgy Eye. Photo: Masha Mel from The Craft

    A little pot of MAC Liquid Fluidline in black is my key product for this look. And the tools to create it are simply your finger and a Kohl eyeliner. 

    Mac Fluidline in Black, $32,
    Mac Fluidline in Black, $32,


    STEP 1. Using your finger, smudge the liquid gel around your eye, just up to the crease. Be ambitious if you like but please don’t go anywhere near the brow!

    Models Prefer @ Priceline Kohl Pencil, $8.99,
    Models Prefer @ Priceline Kohl Pencil, $8.99,


    STEP 2. Dunk your eyeliner into the gel. Eyeliner just isn’t black enough without a dunk. Just pencil around your eye as close to the lashes as possible, then pencil inside your upper and lower lids, and flick out at the corners. This works nicely with any other coloured eyeshadow too! Apply your eyeshadow as normal, then just dip your eyeliner in the gel and frame the eye with a bit of shiny blackness.

    TIP: Go for a minimal look everywhere else when wearing a heavy eye. And wear less foundation!

    This How-To is part of Lou's new book The Craft, on sale now! Contact (03) 8520 6444 for more deets.


  • MBFWA Fashion Week Recap

    by Fashion Editor : Kristy Koutsogiannis | Apr 11, 2014

    We came, we saw, we totally downright fell in love. Fashion week is the best time of year for every fashionista and this year was like no other. Don't freak out — like you, I totally can't afford to buy it all. So the most exciting thing is seeing these ranges, and using them as total inspirations for your perfect spring/summer wardrobes!!! These runway shows are all about being inspirational and opening your eyes to new ways to wear certain pieces. P.S. It's also about how our lovely chain stores will translate the trends made by the big guns. Now, guys, I give you my top five looks that I'm loving right now!


    Emma Mulholland 

    There is nothing more I love in this life than the '90s and slogan tees. Emma mixed the best of both worlds for me with her latest collection. It was so cool, her signature graphic prints were spot on again; I mean, who doesn't love hand-drawn illos and tie-dye? I must make a special shout-out to the matching, printed paperclip bomber jacket and skirt suit. I'm going to be wearing that to my next important "big person" meeting.  

    To work the trend: 

    So, guys, to work this trend, while out shopping look out for printed twosie suits or tees with funny slogans on them. You could even go vintage shopping! 

    Pic Credit Instagram @EmmaMulholland


    Alice McCall 

    Happy 10th birthday, Alice McCall, and what a way to celebrate!

    Can I have one of everything please? Pretty sorbets, sheer dresses, fun cut-outs, cool crochet and the most memorable screen-printed lips anyone could have ever dreamt of. This show is the clear winner in my eyes. I mean, I'm totally wearing this whole collection on my date with Drake. (Drake, call me.)

    To work the trend:

    When shopping, look out for anything very girlie and pastel. Oh and if you see anything with white lace, BUY IT!

    Pic Credit Instagram @alicemccallptyltd 


    Dion Lee

    Dion Lee has won the award again for stealing all my money. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned to you guys before my love for denim and sportswear? Preferably worn on rappers, but this time us ladies get to bling it out. His smooth collection of denim and well-tailored sport luxe apparel is perfect for our lazy summer days.

    To work the trend: 

    You actually already own some items — you know that crisp white school shirt you wear every day? Yeah, you hate it, but it's sooo Dion Lee. 

    Pic Credit Instagram @_dion_lee_ 

    We Are Handsome

    Ever since our homie RiRi wore one of these pieces on her Bahamas holiday, everyone wants to wear a We Are Handsome bather. This collection, the prints we're all about are zebras and electric mountains. I can picture myself wearing one, layered with a leather jacket and denim of course. These babies are way too chic just to wear to the beach. Oh and there were male models, cute ones.

    To work the trend: 

    Our friends at ASOS or General Pants will most certainly have something up their sleeves with this look!

    Pic Credit Instagram  @wearehandsome 


    Alex Perry

    Every time a model strutted her stuff down the runway all I could think of was, "I wish I wore that to my school formal". Everything was perfection. Two-piece skater suits — totally acceptable. Snake print dresses? I mean of course you can wear that. But the downright winner here, which makes me wish I could cast a spell and do my formal night all over again, would be the pastel pink, sequined mini dress with of course layers and layers of frill. I mean I die!

    To work the trend: 

    Everyone and every brand looks up to the godfather of style, so keep your eyes peeled on every department store. The typical Alex Perry look is of course anything that screams drama and lots of sequins. 

    Pic Credit Instagram @AlexPerry007

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