• My 4 Fave Beauty Inspo Instagrams

    by Mel, Beauty Writer | May 23, 2014

    So I’m totally addicted to Instagram. I probably have RSI of the thumb cos I spend a ridic amount of time scrolling and double tapping.Side note: do you follow me? @gf_mel if you don’t! I like to think I bring the LOLs.

    Anyway, I thought I’d share my fave ‘grammers with you – these guys always give me mad beauty inspiration!


     Bleach London 
    Image: Bleach London @bleachlondon


    1.   Bleach London @bleachlondon
    Bleach is a hair salon based in London that specializes in the Most. Amazing. Colour. Ever. Think crazy brights and perfect pastels. No joke, considering flying to London and letting them My Little Pony the shiz out of my mane.


    Lime Crime
       Image: Lime Crime @limecrimemakeup


    2.   Lime Crime @limecrimemakeup
    If you haven’t heard the hype about Lime Crime, they basically make the most intensely pigmented, crazy bright lipsticks around. So obviously their Insta packs a massive colour punch. They often showcase their products as used by other ‘grammers, and some of the stuff is out of this world amazing.


    Chloe Morello
    Image: Chloe Morello @chloemorello

    3.   Chloe Morello @chloemorello
    Chloe is a huuuuuge beauty blogger, so you might have heard of her before. If you haven’t checked out her Insta – do! She not only creates makeup perfection – helloooo precision cat eye flicks – she’s also hilarious and loves a meme.


    Tal Peleg
    Image: Tal Peleg @tal_peleg



    4.   Tal Peleg @tal_peleg
    This one is more for wow-factor than “I’m totally gonna try that at home” – Tal is a brilliant makeup artist who literally creates ART on people, mainly on their eyelids.

    Do you have a fave beauty ‘grammer? Let us know about them in the comments!

  • Why so sad Kanye?

    by Editor, Sarah | May 19, 2014
    Have you seen sad Kanye? He’s been schlepping his glum ass across the interwebz for a couple weeks now.  He be looking like, all forlorn and shiz while Kimmy K looks all cute in her zip-lining getup.

    But it got me thinking, why the long face Kanye? Did it get boring swimming in your pool of hundred dollar bills? Or did someone get your Persian rug order wrong again?
    Whatever it is on Kanye’s mind, I’m sure it’s probably one of the things in this list, which I spent a very productive few hours on today.

    - Maybe he was just so sick of Pharrell being so damn happy? Maybe sad Kanye just doesn’t want to clap along.




    - Or perhaps he just wants to knock Keanu off his (sad face) throne and be the greatest sad face meme of all time.

    Image: via the blazing phoenix


    - Or he was just bummed that he missed out on the Oscar selfie  coz he was too busy zip-lining in Mexico.


    Image via


    - Or maybe… no-one puts Kanye in the corner.



     - Or it could just be a good old-fashioned existential crisis. 

    Image: via KIIS 925

    Or maybe he really just wants his own unicorn. In which case, totally understandable. We feel ya Kanye.

  • Happy Mother’s Day to my favourite fictional mums

    by Carina Rossi - Entertainment Editor | May 13, 2014

    It’s the one day of the year where you’re forced to listen to your mum’s nagging without rolling your eyes while you attempt to cook her a nice breakfast without setting yourself on fire and/or burning down the house. So after spending yesterday being my mum’s slave let’s pay tribute to the funniest fictional mums.


     Mean Girls

    Mrs George, Mean Girls
    Regina George’s mum is the cool mum, usually your cool friend’s mum who doesn’t mind you skipping homework to spend time braiding your hair.


    Arrested Development 

    Arrested Development Lucille 

    Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development
    Lucille would be a funny mum to have if she wasn’t drunk and racist all of the time.


    The 30 Funniest GIFs of Sofia Vergara

    Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, Modern Family
    She’s yet to master the English language but we don’t mind because it’s hilarious watching her try.


    Marge Simpson 

    Marge Simpson, The Simpsons
    Ahh Marge, she’s so kind and sweet (and yellow), which is surprising considering how stupid her husband is. She’s also landed her a gig as the face of M.A.C Cosmetics, ha!


    Family Guy 

    Lois Griffin, Family Guy

    She’s a nasty mum but how can I be mean to a cartoon? I’m sure that deep down inside she really loves her children when she’s not being the worst.

  • Interview with Johnny Wujek, Katy Perry and Bella Thorne's Stylist!

    by Kristy Koutsogiannis, Fashion Editor | May 12, 2014


    Last week Team Fashion had the coolest thing ever happen to them… Yep, better than an MTV Music Awards invite with our favourite plus one, DRAKE.  We had the chance to speak to the lovely and very cool Johnny Wujek, during his recent visit to Australia for Colgate Optic White's BFF Effect.  

    For you who don’t know the works of Mr Wujek, he is the stylist behind the looks of our girl Katy Perry, new Disney star Bella Thorneand his pal Kate MaraBTW he's also THAT guy responsible for Miss Katy Perry's ice cream bra. I know right, totally cool! When we chatted with him, he gave us the lowdown and inspiration behind the three looks we most loved our girl wearing! This guy is a fashion god!



    GF: What event was this?

    JW : This was at this year’s Grammy Awards


    What is she wearing?

    Valentino Couture


    Tell us about the look and your inspiration behind it?

    Valentino reached out to me and wanted Katy to be the first person to wear something from the Couture line. When I had a look through the collection, this piece just stood out to me. The musical notes were perfect for the Grammys and kept it really fun as well as having a beautiful, romantic look.








    What event was this?

    This was at a red carpet event in Japan


     What is she wearing?

    This is a Moschino piece.


    Tell us about the look and your inspiration behind it?

    The sweater dress was gifted to her from Jeremy Scott after she attended his show in Milan. He also gave her the purse. Japan is known for its bright and quirky style so we thought this would be the perfect event for it.






    What event was this?

    This was an artist event at the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in LA. 


    What is she wearing?

    This is a Versace gown.


    Tell us about the look and your inspiration behind it?

    I just loved the sleekness of it and that pop of neon just made it look like something that would actually belong in the museum. It is very graphic and deco.




  • Gadget City: My current fave beauty tools

    by Mel, Beauty Writer | May 07, 2014

    Things are getting pret-ty cool in BeautyLand these days – have you noticed? It’s like, gadgets and thingamabobs galore! I’ve rounded up some of my favourite weird-yet-wonderful products for you guys.

     Designer Brands Twist ‘n’ Go Nail Polish Remover
    This has literally changed my life. It whips polish off in seconds. How, you ask? Inside is a sponge, soaked in polish remover – you stick your finger into the sponge, twist it a little, and voila! Polish is all gone. I’m not even kidding – it takes one single go to get a layer of polish off, and only a few for GLITTER POLISH. Glitter, guys. Gone are the days you have to scrape that shiz off!


    Designer Brands Twist 'n' Go Nail Polish Remover 

    Designer Brands Twist ‘n’ Go Nail Polish Remover, $4.99,

    Harmony Home Spa UltraSonic Cleansing Brush
    Cleaning your face properly is actually kinda hard – like how long do you wash for, how hard do you scrub etc. This gadget takes all the effort and confusion out of the process – soft bristles vibrate to remove dead skin cells and clear pores. And you only need to use it for one minute!

    Harmony Home Spa UltraSonic Cleansing Brush, $99.99,


    Harmony Home Spa UltraSonic Cleansing Brush


    Harmony Home Spa UltraSonic Cleansing Brush, $99.99,

    Manicare Supa Dry Towel

    A whole different towel for your hair? I’m keen if it means less drying time, which this guy promises! The super absorbent material dries your mane up to four times faster than a regular towel, cutting blowdry time in half. Less heat styling means healthier strands and a helluva lot less frizz. Sold!


    Manicare Supa Dry Towel


    Manicare Supa Dry Towel, $21.95, 1800 651 146

    Ecotools Foam Applicator

    Foundation application minus the “mask” look? Yes please! Foam applicators are where its at to tackle this task, blending foundation seamlessly so there’s no obvious lines or streaks. I’m loving that Ecotools have put one on the end of a stick, so I can work it round the contours of my face. It’s also not pricey, which means its going straight into my shopping bag!


    EcoTools Foam Applicator


    Ecotools Foam Applicator, $14.99,



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