• What's winning the Internet right now

    by Editor, Sarah Tarca | Jul 01, 2014


    Spending our days on the computer creating the greatest mag on Earth, you’d think the GF team wouldn’t have time to find hilarious nuggets of awesome to share on our group email. Well, you’d think wrong. I mean, what’s the purpose of having a group email if not to share memes and pics of bunnies eating raspberries – right?

    So here’s a round-up of some of the things that have made our inboxes a happier place these last few weeks…

    Animals dancing to "Push It"

    Salt-n-Pepa were totally my childhood jam. Mainly because they created awesome songs like this tone that just make you want to go cray on the dance floor. Add excellent music to ridiculously cute animals and BAM! You have an internet sensation. If you’re not smiling like a chimp over this, you may just be a bot.

    Ansel Elgort… being himself… and being adorably dorky at it.

    Like when he admitted to Conan that he likes to paint Warhammer miniatures… and somehow made it seem like a hobby that we all wanted to have immediately.

    And then when he posted this on his Instagram, and we were all like “Whoa! What are you doing sitting in economy?” And then, “How cute are you that you still see someone reading a mag with you on it and think it’s funny?” And of course, “Who was sitting next to you, and why in the name of bejeebus was it not meeeeeeeee?”.


    Ansel Elgort's Instagram


    Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin having a T-shirt off.

    It all started when the Gos wore a T-shirt of Macaulay in Home Alone. He was pumping petrol, or walking his dog, or saving the world or something. And of course, because he’s Ryan Gosling, someone papped him.  And then Macaulay Culkin saw it, and took this photo:

    And then the internet saw that and created this T-shirt. So basically it was a bromance in T-shirts and made for some awesome meme-age.



    Emma Stone proving yet again why she’s our ultimate girl crush.

    There is nothing, literally nothing, this girl can’t do. I mean, she goes from blonde to redhead and smashes both, she does the serious theeeaatre movies, action and comedy (and convinces us each time), and – hell, the girl can even PDA with her boyfriend without making us puke. So it’s no surprise, then, when called upon for a Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle, that she smashed that too. Seriously, Emma Stone. Seriously. Can we just be friends already?

  • Top 5 looks at the 2014 QLD Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search

    by Guest blogger: Isabella from Views of Now | Jun 26, 2014

    Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search 2014


    Isabella from Views of Now
    Pic: Isabella from Views of Now

    Views of Now's Isabella shares her top 5 street-style picks from the Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search Roadshow in Brisbane.


    Pic: Isabella from Views of Now

    Look 1: Akow wears a denim jacket and printed shorts with the famous Windsor Smith sandals. 


    Pic: Isabella from Views of Now

    Look 2: Brooke in an adorable spotty blouse paired with high-waisted jeans and classic black boots. 

    Pic: Isabella from Views of Now

    Look 3: Chimay is super-girly in a Forever New top and skirt paired with classic brown wedges and a shaggy knit.


    Pic: Isabella from Views of Now

    Look 4: Natalie in a simple knit paired with skinny jeans and amazing plum boots. On-trend and perfect for winter. 


    Jordi and Maddison
    Pic: Isabella from Views of Now

    Look 5: Jordi pairs a pale blue knit with simple sandals and a black skirt. 
    Maddison goes monochrome in all-black crop, jeans and Windsor Smith sandals. 

    It was so hard to pick just five, so if you're looking for your photo, head over to my blog at! I had loads of fun and loved meeting you all!

    Xx Isabella

  • Five celebrities who need fashion help

    by Fashion Editor - Kristy Koutsogiannis | Jun 20, 2014

    Sometimes, I feel like I’m exactly like a celebrity. Not the part about earning a gazillion dollars, travelling the world for free and eating at really, really good restaurants, obviously. But the part where sometimes they wear ugly, weird and ridiculous outfits and people make fun of them. It happens to me all the time.Celebrities, I get you.

    I’m so not safe around my sisters or friends, they will make fun of me at the drop of a bowler hat and turtleneck combo. Case in point: there was this one time, when I was like, 22 and I thought Adidas leggings, Nike bum bags, army print T-shirts and black leather Supras were like the shizzz.Oh and I was wearing a tie-dyed Obey bucket hat and I did my own hair in these tiny little braids. I was inspired by the Destiny's Child "Soldier" video clip. A red bandana may or may not have been involved… don’t judge me, I am reformed. Promise.

    But guys, everyone in the whole wide world makes a fashion mistake every now and then, me included. So let’s take a look at this week’s super stylish celebs who've accidentally put their "fashion" on wrong!!!  




    Pic: Getty


    Rita Ora 

    I got 99 problems and this outfit is right at the top of the list. Rita, babe, honey, I’m really just trying to work out what it is exactly you are wearing. Is it a dress? A vest? A parka? A raincoat? A bird? I have no idea. Ted leather is something to rock this season —but it just doesn’t fit you right. The buttons are popping out everywhere and, just saying, Rita, you look scared wearing it… did your stylist bully you into wearing this? Fire them.  On a side note, bonus points have been awarded to you. Your shoe game is on point, I love me a black studded pointy heel. So fierce.



    Katy Perry Pic. Getty
    Pic: Getty

    Katy Perry

    To be completely honest, Katy, this outfit would have totally worked so well if you just changed a few things. Like, if it was in a different fabric and wasn’t that shiny, if it didn't have those funny-looking high arm slits, if it came in at the waist to show off your shape, if it was a few inches shorter so it didn’t look like a bed sheet, and was maybe in a different colour? 


    Cara D. Pic: Getty
    Pic: Getty

    Cara D

    I'm not going to deny the fact that I like Cara, have tried this look a few times in my life and may or may not have left the house in it. In fact, I remember the last time I did this look, I wore it to my local shopping centre… yesterday. And I looked just as dishevelled as Cara does in this pap pic. Why? Well, I bumped into my crush. Literally bumped into him in the coffee line at Gloria Jeans. I tired to be all cutesy and flash him an “I had no idea you would be here smile” (I did), but it was worthless. And you wanna know why, peeps? He didn’t even RECOGNISE ME in my ghetto fabulous look.  Now I know to never, I REPEAT NEVER, leave my house in my panda onesie.




    Kendall Jenner Pic: Getty
    Pic: Getty


    Kendall Jenner

    Kendall Jenner, stop whatever you are doing and go back inside. Whoever said you should wear that oufit, I can assure you, was playing a practical joke on you and it went horribly, horribly wrong. You failed the practical joke test and now these photos will be circulating the interwebz forever. FOR THE LOVE OF VERSACE, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE WORN THAT OUTFIT outside of the change room, let alone walking the red carpet. Wait, I’m sorry for yelling at you Kendall. Its just coz I’m really sad. I had hope for you, girl. I mean what would Kanye say? 

    Lady Gaga: Pic Getty
    Pic: Getty


    Queen Lady Gaga

    OK, so when i said this was a list of really, really bad outfits, I kinda lied to you all. I’m sorry. It actually should have been the list of four really bad outfits and one cool one from GAGA. YEP. I actually dig Gaga's outfit. I know, she looks weird, but hear me out. See, sometimes in Fashion Land, guys, an outfit can be sooooo ugly it goes full circle and turns out to be really, really good-looking. Some sort of weird chemical science imbalance thingy happens (I haven't been able to work it out but it makes the fashion world scream, "I die”.). And because of that weird voodoo science, I’ve been possessed and dreaming about this look all week. Bomber jackets are so in fashion and those denim cut-offs scream “model off duty”. And guys, come on, who doesn’t heart a vintage band tee? I even want the '80s perm. #IDIE


  • Past hair styles of 6 celebs

    by Wendy Hoang, Editorial Co-ordinator | Jun 12, 2014

    When you become a celebrity, something happens. You become fabulous. I’ve watched all the makeover movies and TV shows (The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, Beauty and the Geek etc.) so I know that this transformation literally happens overnight, and that the most drastic physical change you can make is to your hair as evidenced by your favourite stars before they made it hair stylist...


    Exhibit A: Ariana Grande

     Ariana Grande's Hair Pic: Getty
    Ariana has some dark and curly secrets behind that incredible voice. Pic: Getty


    I had to retrieve my jaw from the ground when I saw this old pic of Ariana. O-M-GRANDE. She was rocking Lorde curls before Lorde! These days, it’s hard to picture Ariana without her signature perfect sandy-blonde half-pony.



    Exhibit B: Leighton Meester


    Leighton Meester's Hair. Pic: Getty
    Blair, blonde?! Pic. Getty


    Queen Bee Leighton is actually a natural blonde like ex-co-star Blake Lively! Can you even imagine Blair Waldorf as a blonde? No, us neither. Her rich brown locks really suited those mischievous, scheming dark brown eyes. As as a blonde, she's sending us Iggy Azalea vibes. You feel?



    Exhibit C: Britney Spears

    Britney Spears. Pic: Getty
    Not you too, Britney. Pic. Getty


    IS NO ONE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE ANYMORE? Britney "blonde" Spears was born Britney "brunette" Spears. WHUTTTTTT?!


    Exhibit D: Sophie Turner


    Sophie Turner's Hair. Pic: Getty
    What a “stark” contrast… Pic: Getty


    Sophie plays Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones (that show everyone's always talking about). On it, Sophie has the bonfire-orange-red hair, but IRL she’s a bona fide blonde.



    Exhibit E: Katy Perry


    Katy Perry's Hair. Pic: Getty
    Secret blondes club member #1567324. Pic. Getty


    Before she went purple, green, pink, purple, blue, teal (not in that order), Katy was also a blonde and her hair was all sensible and straight. Then, at age 15, she noticed her natural colour “just didn’t look right” and dyed it all black. So in life, if Katy Perry ever tells you something doesn’t look right, you listen because her eyes are magical and perceptive.



    Exhibit F: Justin Timberlake
    No words… just lots of noodles. Pic:


    This is Justin’s “I woke up like this” picture from the late '90s. These days, we imagine he probably wakes up like this…


    Justin Timberlake's Hair. Pic: Getty
    #SWAG. Pic. Getty


    At some point in the '00s (when he quit 'N Sync and ended things with Britney), Justin shaved all his hair off and it’s grown out suspiciously straight ever since. Seems to us he’s straightening daily or had some kind of keratin (permanent straightening) treatment done. Hmm…

    Surprised by any of these celeb past-hair secrets? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with your hair? Do tell!!!

  • Five things GF learnt from spending the day with 5SOS

    by Carina Rossi - Entertainment Editor | May 27, 2014


    5SOS and team GF. Pic: Girlfriend
    5SOS and team GF. Pic: Girlfriend


    If you’ve got your hands on our latest issue (the awesome one with Lorde AND 5SOS on the cover) - Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a piece of GFx5SOS history. Lucky you!


     5 Seconds of Summer mini-mag. Photo: Girlfriend 
    Pic: Girlfriend


    But it’s the question I’ve been asked a million times since our June issue hit the stands that I feel needs to be answered today, ‘So, like, tell me what are the boys really like, really?’ Oh, so you want to know the truth? OK then, here goes…

    They’re super modest
    For a band as successful as they are you’d think they’d brag about how awesome they are, while name dropping 1D casually into convos and requesting absolutely no one on set make eye contact with them, EVER! But Calum, Mikey, Ash and Luke DON’T because they aren’t entitled, obnoxious, morons - they’re delightful, friendly, Aussie boys.

    They say please and thank you. All the time!
    Some of the things they thanked us for… organising the shoot, bottled water, lollies, directions to the bathroom. See? Nice. 5 Seconds of Summer you’re really welcome!

    They’re really good at pulling faces
    It’s like their adorable faces are made of plasticine.

    They are actually convinced girls aren’t interested in them
    Aww bless.

    They really miss their families
    The way they spoke about their fams made us want to cry and give them big bear hugs. But we didn't want to creep them out so we cried later and saved the hugs for our own mums.

    Source: ITS AWKWARDS


    But I'm guessing you probably knew all this already.

    For more exclusive 5SOS content click here!

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