• Laura visits Paris to Just Dance...

    by Laura, Features & Entertainment Editor | Nov 20, 2014

    Hai baes! Laura here. If you don’t know my face, you should buy a copy of the latest GF - the one with Josh Hutcherson looking rather dishy on the cover - or follow GF’s Insta (or MY INSTA @gf_lc for that matter!!). 

    Obviously I am extremely stoked to be coming to you live from my IRL job at GFHQ, where my duties include listening to 1D’s new album Four, chatting to famous people, and writing blogs like this one. Fun! I may have only been here for a few months, but I’ve already gotten to do all the awesome things. Case in point: last month, I went to Paris. YES, PARIS!!! Just look at this photographic evidence:


    eiffel tower

    It was kind of a whirlwind trip – two and a half days on French soil in fact – so I was really sympathizing with Kim K on the jet-set/jet-lag front. But, being in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I did not let my heavy eyelids stop me from getting my tourist on. I just looked like a zombie while I did it. 


    River Seine

    I flew over with the total gems from Ubisoft coz they were giving me a first squiz at their game Just Dance 2015. I was the only person from Australia to attend the event, and that had me feeling very #blessed. Plus, my travelling buddy from Ubisoft was a French expat, which also had me feeling #blessed when I was overtired and needed to order all the caffeinated beverages. THANK YOU FLORIAN, YOU LIFESAVER. 


    Just Dance

    Anyway, do you know how they actually make a video game? It’s actually crazy technical. In Just Dance, there are characters on-screen whose dance moves you follow (spoiler alert: I am horrendous at following dance moves on screen). Dancers have to bust it in front of a green screen, and then they get implanted (not the technical term) into the game. We all got to have a turn, but these guys were ***FLAWLESS.



    The music in the game is super fun too, and Becky G’s Built For This is still on repeat in my head. Not necessarily a bad thing, but very distracting when you’re trying to buy extremely important French pharmacy beauty prods. Do you know about them? If you don’t, I am very happy to impart my knowledge. Yes, technically I’m the Features & Entertainment Editor, but I am not-so-secretly a beauty fangirl and product junkie.


    All the French Beauty prods!

    Au revior, dancing queens!

    p.s. Just Dance 2015 is out now and you can (and should) buy it right here.

  • 8 reasons why Katy Perry is the best ever, a tribute by Melissa Mason.

    by Mel, Beauty Writer | Nov 06, 2014
    Katy Perry - Prismatic tour. Pic:
    Katy Perry - Prismatic tour. Pic:
    Firstly, yes I am aware my title is very “Year 3 class project” but whatever guys, Katy brings out my inner primary schooler. Her infectious enthusiasm and sweetness just takes me back to when everything was easy, everything was fun and you had like, zero cares in the world. Don’t you think? Well if you don’t – you soon will by the time you finish this list.

    1. She isn’t afraid to make fun of herself.
    Katy loves a LOL, and she’s happy to make herself the butt of the joke. Video clip to Last Friday Night, anyone?

    2. She doesn’t mind if you see her sans makeup
    The best thing about Katy Perry: Part of Me (the movie), was when we got to see BTS Katy, in zero makeup, just doing her thing. For someone who wears a lottttt of costume makeup, I thought it was pretty neat that she let us see that.

    3. She’s unashamedly girly
    I’m not even that girly, TBH. But I love that Katy just embraces it. There’s loads of peeps running ‘round saying they’re “one of the boys”, and thinking that to be that person means you can’t love pretty things – but Katy, obv also one of the boys since she named a whole album after it, is still be a girly girl.

    4. She called her cat Kitty Purry.
    Best. Name. Ever.


    Katy Kitty Purry. Pic:
    Katy Kitty Purry. Pic:

    5. She doesn’t change herself for boys.
    I was super sad when Russell and Katy broke up. But one thing I loved about their rel was that Katy wouldn’t have a bar of Russell’s “player” attitude to girls, she was all “take me to dinner” and stuff and then he totally fell for her, because she was legit and not trying to make him like her. LIFE LESSON, Y’ALL. 

    6. She loves her fam
    Katy and her fam have had a bit of a tumultuous time together, but I love that even though Katy shares diff beliefs with them, they still all get along and love each other. 


    Katy Perry and family. Pic: Getty
    Katy Perry and family. Pic: Getty

    7. She experiments with beauty
    As GF’s resident beauty guru it would be amiss for me to write this without mentioning Katy’s chameleon beauty look. She’s always changing her hair, trying new makeup things and rocking crazy nails. And I love it. Espesh because she’s usually doing something totally opposite what everyone else is. Uniqueness forevs!


    Katy Perry. Pic: instagram/katyperry
    Katy Perry. Pic: instagram/katyperry

    8. She wears fun clothes
    Remember her dress at the 2010 Costume Gala? The one that lit up? OMG GIVE IT TO ME NOW. Ditto when she wore angel wings on the red carpet, and ALL the costumes from her Prismatic Tour. I’m always waiting to see what Katy wears next.

    Do you love Katy as much as I do? Well, you’re in luck – GF has a Limited Edition Katy Perry Collectors Issue out NOW! 


  • Beauty How-To's With Lou Teasdale

    by Mel, Beauty Writer | Jul 21, 2014



    Lou and model Ayesha for Fudge URBAN 

    Let's be real - who DOESN'T want to learn beauty things from One Direction stylist and all-round cool chick Lou Teasdale? We were so excited when Fudge URBAN announced the Brit babe as their ambassador, and doubly excited when we heard she was doing hair tutorials for them. Here's her latest, all about texture, bangs, and hair-chalk.

    PS: You can still rock this look without the hair-pieces Lou uses - just pin the plait across the front of your head instead!

  • Top 3 looks at the 2014 VIC Girlfriend Model Search

    by Guest social media personality: Sarah Ellen | Jul 11, 2014

    Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search 2014

    Sarah Ellen

    Pic: Sarah Ellen

    Sarah Ellen shares her top 3 street-style picks from the 2014 Girlfriend Model Search Roadshow in Melbourne.

    Outfit 1 

    Pic: Sarah Ellen

    Outfit 1: I chose this outfit because I love how it's perfectly matched! She perfectly pairs black leather sleeves with a black leather skirt, as well as silver studs, silver nails and, to top it off, a hot pink lip. Love! 


    WATCH: Sarah Ellen's fave looks at Girlfriend Model Search Sydney



    Outfit 2

    Pic: Sarah Ellen

    Outfit 2: Loving this look! This babe knew exactly how to accessorise the perfect outfit. From the frilly socks to yin yang necklace to bulky ring and the to-die-for kimono. Did she pull it off? It's a big yes from me! 


    Outfit 3

    Pic: Sarah Ellen

    Outfit 3: What's a better way to keep warm than to double up? This girl knows the go! Keeping on trend with the turtleneck and anorak, and completing her outfit with a big smile! :D 


  • Girlfriend Model Search 2014: The Sydney Beauty Edition

    by Wendy Hoang, Editorial Co-ordinator | Jul 05, 2014


    Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search is almost over! (There's only one roadshow left in Melbourne this Saturday, 5 July, so we'll see you there, ok?) At the roadshows, one of the most thrilling things to do is people watching #iamsuchacreeper. Our amazing readers come from near and very, VERY far, and everyone makes such an impressive effort. What a waste it would be not to showcase - so here are some of our fave beauty looks from the Sydney event...




     GFRMS2014 Beauty Pic: Wendy Hoang
    Paris, 14


    Look at those brows! Lily Collins, you've been dethroned.




    GFRMS2014 Beauty Pic: Wendy Hoang
    Akari, 19


    What's the meaning of rad? You're looking at it. A peroxide blonde pixie with lavender highlights and a dark undercut makes Akari look both bad ass and all kinds of sweet, which we're pretty sure this girl is IRL.





    GFRMS2014 Beauty Pic: Wendy Hoang
    Lauren, 18


    Best use of fringe is awarded to Lauren. I spotted her in the queue and made a beeline for her and her pretty braided fringe. It kinda looks like a Grecian crown, right? Hair envy is real.




    GFRMS2014 Beauty Pic: Wendy Hoang
    Rheece, 15

    For her excellence in the art of braiding and her perfection at the complicated "Chinese Staircase" braid, Rheece takes out this popular category. How long did it take her? "Oh, just five minutes". This girl's good.



    And... that's a wrap! Missed out this year? Make sure you come down next year! The whole thing is like Tumblr LIVE. So much hair inspo, street style, ex model search winners and finalists; you also get to meet GF editor Sarah Tarca and members of Team GF. Tell us, what's your fave part of Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search?

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