• Make my hair like… Selena Gomez

    by Mel, Beauty Ed | Jan 23, 2014

    Selena Gomez at Sundance 2014
    Selena Gomez at Sundance 2014. Pic: Getty

    You asked on Twitter, and I’m answering – here’s a step-by-step guide to get Selena’s glossy waves from her Sundance Rudderless promo sessions!

    Step 1: Use your fingers to section off any hair that falls below the tops of your ears, and tie the rest on top of your head. Mist this bottom section with a heat protection spray that has added styling benefits. I looove GHD Curl Hold Spray.


    Mel show you step 1 to get Selena's look
    Mel shows you step 1 to get Selena's look. GHD Curl Hold Spray, $22,
    Pic: Mel: Girlfriend | GHD:

    Step 2: To really get these waves right, you need a wide barrel curling tong if you have long hair, and a small barrel for short hair like mine. 

    Take approx. 5cm – 10cm sections of hair from the bottom section, and wrap around the barrel of the tong, leaving around 10cm straight at the ends (this is usually the part you are holding with your fingers). When you wrap, make sure hair isn’t overlapping – it should be spiraling down the tong. No need to be neat with the size of your sections – this look works best with different sized curls! 

    Hold the piece you are working on around the tong for five seconds, then release. Depending on your hair type, you might have to hold for longer – but always start with five seconds to make sure you don’t… um… burn your hair off like this girl:



    Also – alternate which way you wrap the hair for each piece. So if you wrap the first piece clockwise, wrap the next piece anti-clockwise to get texture and movement.


    Vidal Sassoon 32mm Nano Curling Tong, $59.95,
    Pic: Girlfriend |

    Step 3: When you finish a section with these curls, mist with a medium-hold hairspray to lock in their shape, then let out a second section, repeating all the above steps with this part of your hair. Finally, do the top section – but this time, start the curls mid-way down the length of your hair, so the roots aren’t curly. 


    TIGI Bedhead Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hold Hairspray, $27.95,
    Pic: Girlfriend |

    Step 4: Mist all over with a shine spray for extra glow. Normally when doing tonged curls, I would say shake through with your fingers – but Selena’s are fairly neat, the “undone” feel comes from the still straight ends. 


    eleven make me shine
    ELEVEN Australia Make Me Shine Spray Gloss, $22.95, 

    Voila! Selena-worthy hair. Love it, love you all, go forth and enjoy those swishy amazing locks.

    Mel x



  • Wanna know a secret?

    by Wendy, GF Editorial co-ordinator | Jan 20, 2014

    Sure you do.

    You wouldn’t know by looking at me, but I’m harbouring a lifetime of beauty secrets - really quirky, ingenuous tricks that very few people know. I guestimate 5% of the population.



    When I get to 500 secrets, I’m planning on selling and publishing the compilation to the highest bidder, and hopefully turning it all into a critically acclaimed doco for the SBS or Facebook TV (who knows what channels we’ll be watching in 2030). Here’s a sneak peek, but only because we’re friends:

    Secret 1: Push-ups for your face.
    A facialist once told me to moisturise only in upward strokes. You see (no you don’t, this is a computer), our faces naturally lose elasticity and collagen as we get older. While skin sagging isn’t something you need to worry about right now, it’s always good to be prepared – so stop dragging your skin down, and start massaging all creams and cleansers in an upwards direction.


    moisturise the right way!

    Secret 2: Get shiny ‘lids
    Sometimes I use balm on my eyelids to give a natural glean – a great alternative if you can’t wear eye shadow to school. Apparently, Miranda Kerr uses balm on her ‘lids too, so basically my eyes look exactly like hers – and yours can too. Just make sure the product is natural and not too sticky so it doesn’t irritate your eyes too much if you accidentally rub them. I use Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm, $28.50,



    Secret 3: DIY eyelash curler

    If you’re without an eyelash curler, run a teaspoon under hot water and hold it right side up under your lashes. Pushing your lashes against its curve for 60 seconds will give you a DIY lash lift! Brilliant, right?



    Secret 4: Hair pre-soak
    Soaking your hair under a tap before you go swimming stops it from absorbing too much of the chlorine or salt water, which can be really drying and cause damage. Your hair is porous, so it soaks up liquid. Imagine drinking chlorine or salt water – disgusting, right? So it’s not tasty or healthy for your hair, either.



    Secret 5: Co-washing
    It’s short for conditioner washing, as in washing without shampoo. Sounds really weird right? And maybe a bit un-clean? Yeah, I thought that too. But I’ve tried it twice now and my hair certainly feels softer. Shampoos contain ingredients that can dry your hair out. Conditioners may also contain some of these ingredients, just gentler ones so you still get a clean hair, just more nourishment and moisture locked-in.


    Do you have any beauty secrets? Want to finance my doco? I can totally give you a good deal. Comment below! :)


  • My Fave Season……

    by Kristy, GF Fashion Editor | Jan 17, 2014

    Every fashionista I know has a favourite fashion season. Some luurve summer, coz they get to parade around in multi-coloured maxi dresses with flowers in their hair, while others daydream of cool winter nights layering denim, jumpers and anything leather.

    BUT, my dear GF readers, THE REAL IMPORTANT and MOST FAVED SEASON by me of course is… “Award Show Season”. (insert hand claps)


    This season really isn’t about awarding celebs with gold statues coz they did an A+ job on a film, no way. It’s all about watching our mates parade around wearing one-of-a-kind shoes, amazing hand-crafted haute couture gowns and diamonds the size of the moon (slight exaggeration, but I'm excited).

    It makes me giddy with glee and I may or may not have wigged out on mates just to stay up late and watch the Golden Globes. ( This may or may not have happened… this week.)

    So in honour of everything pretty in the world I want to tell you guys whose looks this week I wanted to rip off their backs and wear grocery shopping. Who knows, maybe the peeps at Dior can hear me?... Dior, Raf Simons, are you there?

    MyTop 5

    Jennifer Lawrence.
    Jennifer Lawrence Pic: Getty

    1. My darling Girl Crush Jennifer Lawrence… yes I know what you're all thinking, and yes I tried this look out by wrapping myself in a quilt cover with duct tape (it worked) but it’s the most beautiful Dior dress I have ever seen. Dior Haute Couture, to be precise. Little magical fairies hand-crafted this beautiful design inch by inch and made my bestie the best-looking girl in town. P.S. her hair is a dream.

    Emma Watson
    Emma Watson. Pic: Getty

    2. Emma Watson. Is it a dress? Is it pants?… who cares, it's freakin' Dior fantastic! See what I did there? I love a girl who can take a fashion risk and Miss Thang totally worked it. The colour pops on her skin tone and those pants are the perfect injection of street chic.

    Lena Dunham
    Lena Dunham. Pic: Getty

    3. Lena “Be My Friend” Dunham in the wonders of Zac Posen. The colour and cut make this dress scream old Hollywood Glamour. She had her confidence levels raised to one gazillion and I’m pretty sure it landed her on the best-dressed lists all around the globe. Lena: 1, Haters: 0.

    Margot Robbie
    Margot Robbie. Pic: Getty

    4. Margot “Aussie” Robbie in Gucci. Let's hear it for the Aussies out in Hollywood. Margot totally rocked it out in Gucci. The little hints of green and crystals made us envy her for days. I mean she was in a movie with Jonah Hill and Leo, of course she was allowed to glam it up.

    Mr Golden Globe
    Mr Golden Globe. Pic: Getty

    5.  Mr Golden Globe – did you see him? He made a quick cameo, it was totally breaking news on the night. Tina Fey has a teenage son. True story. He’s real cute. And Mr Ted Baker dressed him. What a score, and I think it was the best debut in Hollywood ever. 

  • And the winner is...

    by Carina, GF Entertainment Editor | Jan 14, 2014

    It’s awards season so let's take a look at the best moments in awards history, according to Carina.

    2011: That time Gaga turned up to the GRAMMYs in an egg.

    Lady Gaga turns up to the Grammys in an egg!

    Gaga made history in 2011 for officially blowing my mind. I thought I had seen it all: Gaga meat dress, Gaga bedazzled wheelchair, Gaga painting her lips into a cupid's bow… but looking back, these all seem quite normal. Congratulations Gaga, you just out-Gaga’d yourself, for the moment.

    2013: JLaw killing it in a Dior gown at the Oscars, falls up stairs.

    If I could be friends with anyone in Hollywood — right now — it would be Jennifer Lawrence. We’d have sleepovers and watch 
    White Chicks, talk about how hot Bradley Cooper is and make music videos on our phones to Destiny’s Child. But you wanna know how I know we’d get along? She recently admitted she was thinking about cake right before she fell up the stairs on her way to accept her award for Best Actress aaand I LOVE cake! Cheesecake to be exact but cake nonetheless. Best friends 4 lyf.

    2013: This moment.

    If I were a fly, backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards is where I’d hang (I’d also choose to hang there if I was a human with an access-all-areas pass around my neck, for the record) just so I could see this: Bieber going in for a pash, Selena denying him and T-Swift looking disgusted — poor Biebs.

    2012: P!nk tries her best.

    How talented is P!nk? Not only can she sing, she can dance AT THE SAME TIME. And I’m not talking spirit fingers and a shimmy to the left. Her performance of “Try” at the American Music Awards is some serious dancing and singing.

    2013: Mr and Mrs Comedy giving lolz.

    Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig made all kinds of funnies as they presented the award for Best Supporting Actress the Golden Globes. The way they describe each of the movies is strikingly similar to how I write reviews. JOKES.

  • GF Blog: Summer Fashion Survival Kit

    by Kristy, GF Fashion Editor | Jan 03, 2014
    So I'm going to be real, fellow Girlfriends. There was this one time, I decided to pack my all-important beanie collection on a weekend trip away with mates. Yeah, you think that’s cool huh! Well I packed it instead of the MOST IMPORTANT thing ever. MY SWIMMERS. It was not the perfect weekend away, as I imagined. I had the hottest head ever, all the while not being able to jump in the water! EPIC FAIL! So in fear of this happening to anyone else ever again, I present to you guys the ultimate summer checklist. As long as you have these goodies in your bag, you will have a sure winner!!!!!!

    The Coloured Hat, Pretty Little Thing, $34 

    1. The Coloured Hat, Pretty Little Thing, $34
    Not only does it protect you from the sun's strong rays, but the colour and cut will have you looking chic on the beach.

    2. Blinged-up Earrings, ASOS, $39 

    2. Blinged-up Earrings, ASOS, $39
    I know, I know, I can rave about earrings for hours on end but these babies can really change the shape and look of an outfit in an instant. This look is all about dressing up what you've got.

    3. Maxi Dress, Best and Less, $30 

    3. Maxi Dress, Best and Less, $30
    A maxi dress will suit any body shape and can take you from "a day at the beach" to "a cool summer date" in a heartbeat, all with the right accessories. P.S The floral print on this one is perfection, a girl can never go wrong with a frill.

    4. Side Saddle Bag, ASOS, $48 

    4. Side Saddle Bag, ASOS, $48
    This little number covers all your fashion needs. It can be your part-time beach bag, part-time party bag, and even your part-time everyday bag. The punchy colour is a sure hit this summer and the gold detail on it is off the hook.

    5. Ring Set, Colette, $7.95 

    5. Ring Set, Colette, $7.95
    Little dainty rings are the perfect find, espesh this packet by our friends at Colette. In fact I think you need to channel our friend Vanessa Hudgens and wear one on every finger to give off that Cali girl style.

    6. Statement Necklace, Colette, $16.95

    6. Statement Necklace, Colette, $16.95
    A statement necklace is something YOU WILL NEED this summer! No excuses! You can layer it on any style of top and dress to make your simple outfit hit the WOW factor.

    7. The Tan Clog, Lipstik, $59.95

    7. The Tan Clog, Lipstik, $59.95
    These clogs are what your feet in summer call SBF, aka as Shoe Best Friend. It's plain and simple. Get ya self some.

    8. The Statement Two-Piece, Top, ASOS, $35. Bottoms, ASOS, $23

    8. The Statement Two-Piece, Top, ASOS, $35. Bottoms, ASOS, $23
    There is no cooler feeling than rocking up to a beach party with the sickest bikini on and everyone wanting it, for human survival of course. So get in quick, cause our friends at ASOS have hit the jackpot once  again with this cool number. It's the raddest, floral-printed, studded-all-over, cut-out dream two-piece ever invented. Thankyou ASOS, thankyou.

    9. Denim Short Shorts, Levi's, $79.95

    9. Denim Short Shorts, Levi's, $79.95
    Sing with me: I like short shorts, you like short shorts. You will wear denim shorts. OK that doesn't rhyme but who cares. THESE WILL SAVE YOUR SUMMER!

    10. Sunglasses, Minkpink, $39.95

    10. Sunglasses, Minkpink, $39.95
    Hello do these really need explaining? Tortoiseshell framed sunnies are what everyone wants to be wearing this summer and the dark lenses on these are also great for checking out the cute boys that JUST happen to be rolling on by!

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