• GF’s resident Bieber fan writes an open letter to the Biebs

    by Carina, GF Entertainment Editor | Feb 03, 2014


    Is it over yet? Oh, it’s not? Crap. Seriously Justin Bieber, what IS happening? You’ve changed and I’m not enjoying it.

    Lately, defending you has become a full-time job — a really crappy one, like, parking officer crappy. I can’t go to the office printer in this place without someone asking if I know about [insert stupidest thing you’ve done lately here]. My standard response was usually, “C’mon, he’s a ridiculously rich, adorable 19-year-old, you’d totally do the same, right?” 


    Then… you went and got yourself arrested; “allegedly” egged your neighbour's house (causing $20,000 in damages. Seriously, what kind of eggs were they?); compared yourself to Michael Jackson in that Instagram pic; AND then this morning I read about that thing that you did with that person and that other person at that place and I’m not dealing. I’m all out of excuses. Scooter, Usher, Pattie, can somebody do something?

  • Why I Love The Grammys

    by Kristy, Fashion Ed | Jan 31, 2014

    Everybody sing and dance with me. It’s the moooost wonderfulllll time of thhhhe yeeeeeeaaaar! Freaked out? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a back story. I love award show season and during the whole month of Jan/Feb I prance around the fashion cupboard in gowns wishing I was at a ceremony standing next to Rebel Wilson. True story, I pranced. Story over.

    Due to my addiction to anything fashion and cable TV, I got the chance to watch the GRAMMYs live. It was fun, I fist pumped along with Taylor Swift at like every single performance, fell in love with Kendrick Lamar even more and made my family sit in utter silence while Lorde performed. She. Is. My. Queen B.

    So I decided to make this a little different. Instead of telling you who I thought looked amazing, which I’m sure you guys already know — hello, you be fashion queens — I wanted to give you guys my list of honourable mentions to the five looks that I loved for reasons other than being fabulous. 

    It’s the GRAMMYs, people are allowed to be a little bit crazay.

    1. Taylor Swift in GUCCI

    Taylor Swift in Gucci at the 2014 Grammys

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. It’s a pretty, sequinned dress. WRONG. I want you to look at the pic again, but this time tilt your head to the left, squint and tell me she doesn’t look like a bad-ass knight in shining armour (minus the weapons)... yeah she does, SHE'S THE PRETTIEST KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR EVER. I’m not sure if that was her intention but she is downright awesome.

    2. Pharrell Williams IN a vintage Vivienne Westwood hat from her Buffalo Collection 82-83

    Pharrell Williams in a vintage Vivienne Westwood hat

    On GRAMMY night I started a hashtag: 
    #pharrellwilliamsweirdhatfanclub. It only got one like but that’s not the point. The point is THAT HAT got him mega attention and it got me wanting to hike. I’ve never wanted to hike before, hell I don’t even know what to do when you’re on a hike, I don't even think this hat has anything to do with hiking, but I wanted to and that’s a big thing. I really want that hat.

    3. Lorde’s Performance Boots

    Lorde gave a stellar performance at the 2014 Grammys

    I want them, they have that perfect black, worn-in, I look comfy, so causal, I’ve got 'tude, I’m nice yet grown-up, gothic vibe going on and I’m all about that life right now. In fact I’ve wanted someone to stick to their roots and be epic in their style. Lorde is true to who she is and that makes me love her even more. Lorde if you’re reading this or someone that knows her is reading this, HI! (Waves)

    4. Katy Perry IN VALENTINO

    Katy Perry wears Valentino

    I know when I first saw it I was like… "
    Girl please what you wearing?" (insert hand claps). But then I heard through the fashion grapevine that her stylist took the leap of faith and made the Valentino team make her this dress before it was even shown on the Haute Couture runway. Just a mere four days before the GRAMMYs. FOUR DAYS PEOPLE. Anna Wintour doesn’t even get that type of service. Anna freakin' Wintour. Because of this she is on my list. That, and the more I look at it, the more I’m like, babe.

    5. Ariana Grande’s Stockings

    Ariana Grande looking adorable at the 2014 Grammys

    The temp in sunny Downtown LA that night was a crisp 11 degrees. Ariana was cold and wanted to wear stockings. No biggie. I have to personally admit I would have done the EXACT same thing. Yet knowing my luck I would have left my house with black stockings, rips up the side and biker boots. But guys lets be real, who’s looking at the skin tone stockings when she was rocking it out in such an amazing Dolce & Gabbana dress. Sweetheart.

    Go comment!
  • Dear Karen Walker: You’re doing it right

    by Sarah Tarca, Editor, Girlfriend mag | Jan 30, 2014
    Are Karen Walker’s campaigns the coolest thing since Pharrell wore a weird hat that sprouted its own Twitter? Yes. Yes they are. And we’re about to tell you about the latest incarnation of awesome that just landed.


    karen walker sunglasses


    The thing about K-dub is that she’s not even just thinking outside the box. There’s no argument that her past campaigns have all been a special breed of cool. There were the kids in her sunnies which broke our brains with cuteness, the nannas rocking the shades like nobody's business… and yep, even the balloons, brooms and mops getting their shade on. How the hell does a creative genius top that?


    karen walker sunglasses


    By doing something that’s cool… and also ethical. Her latest campaign “Visible” sees her partner with the United Nations Ethical Fashion Initiative, which supports artisan groups in Kenya. Yeah, yeah we know that other companies have partnered with African communities but here’s the difference: Not only did the communities handmake the cool eyewear pouches that come with every pair of sunnies sold WORLDWIDE, but the new global campaign actually stars the peeps who created it! So you know, you can basically absorb the good feels just by wearing them. Sure, they’re exey, and will take some hefty pocket-money-saving to get there, but they’re worth it.


    Karen Walker case and pouch


    Man, sometimes I wish I could get inside her brain. And y’know steal, err, I mean borrow, her sunnies.
    Check out the campaign images here.
  • Hot spot

    by Wendy, GF Editorial co-ordinator | Jan 29, 2014
    What to do when there’s an outbreak, on yo’ face.


    You don’t want to over-cleanse


    When you go through puberty, acne happens – unless you’re somehow immune to hormone fluctuations (can you show me how you did that?). It’s a testing time…so many urges to pick and pop and just scratch the damn thing off. But let’s talk consequences: if you do, you risk infection, scarring or worse, the zit re-emerging because some of its' contents were left behind. Alas, sometimes it’s best to just let blemishes take their natural course, but there’s a whole bunch of things you can do to shorten the lifecycle of a pesky pimple.

    Don’t over-clean
    Hormones trigger breakouts by causing excess oil production, and if you’re not cleansing twice a day and exfoliating once a week, dead skin cells can build up, blocking pores and trapping oils underneath the skin causing pesky pimples to rise up and attack.
    But you don’t want to over-cleanse, which you can tell you’re doing if your skin feels really taut, tight and uncomfortable, and looks red after a wash. Skin has a delicate PH balance, and once you tip the scales of this balance by over-cleansing it can get really dry and irritated. Steer clear of cleansers with high alcohol concentrate as they can be a bit harsh on your mug and strip it of its natural oils. When your face is dry, it tries to produce more oils to compensate for the loss, continuing the vicious breakout cycle.

    Treat it right
    Your average skincare routine might not cut it if you’re skin’s breaking out, so look for products with these zit zapping ingredients…

    Benzoyl Peroxide
    What it does: Kills bacteria in its tracks, and is super effective on stubborn blind spots and recurring pimples that go much deeper.

    Salicylic Acid
    What it does: Exfoilates the skin and calms inflammation. Great on whiteheads and blackheads – and is less likely to irritate.

    Tea tree oil
    What it does: A natural anti-bacterial treatment also used to treat fungus and other gnarly, disgusto things. It’s gentler than BP and salicylic, if you find they’re drying out your skin too much.

    Try these!


    Mario Badescu Drying Lotion,


    Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $26.95,
    If you only have enough to spend on one thing, make it this potent little mix. Overnight, the clay draws out the head, and the antiseptic kills bacteria and dries the spot out so you can basically wash it off the next morning! Stubborn blind spots take a little longer, but this still works faster than anything else I’ve ever used!


    Jurlique Blemish Cream,

    Jurlique Blemish Cream, $32,
    If this product were my friend, it’d be my most reliable one yet. Guys, meet my daily blemish cream – and because it’s beautifully skin-toned, it also doubles as a concealer so it’s hiding and treating my spots at the same time! How’s that for multi-tasking? Also, it contains calendula and aloe vera, both refreshing natural healers.

    How do you deal with spots? What are you top two fave pimple treatments of all time? Tell me tell me, I really want to know! Comment below :)


  • When Olivia hit New York

    by Olivia, Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search winner | Jan 24, 2014


    Top of The Rock and Times Square
    Top of The Rock and Times Square


    Who would have thought hey? Travelling to New York at the age of 15 to meet with a modelling agency! Miracles really do happen. Can I just please just start with thank you so so much to Girlfriend, Chic, NEXT, Rimmel and all the other sponsors for this incredible opportunity in the first place! And also to all the others girls out there reading this thinking that nothing like this would ever happen to them, believe me, I thought that too! Never in a million years did I think this would happen to me! Anyway, speech over let me tell you all about it!

    After crazily annoying my friends for the previous two weeks counting down the days and minutes every second of the day, it finally came, the day we left for NEW YORK! We met at the airport and hopped on the 13 hour flight (props to my cousins for the neck pillow – it was fab)! We arrived in LA and switched to the next plane and finally we had arrived in New York. The Tribecca Grand Hotel became our home for the next week and it was a really lovely place to stay! So what did we do the first 2 and a half days of our stay? Shopping! Of course. I personally raked in a whole load and was quite the happy girl! The food over there as well was to die for! Haloumi and grilled chicken salad was perfect and roasted duck breast, omg stop, seriously! Oh and one more, minor detail, we went out for dinner with Alyssa Sutherland! One of my favourite models! Who was also discovered in the GF model search


    New York fun
    Top of Rockefeller centre, horse and carriage ride through Central Park.


    Sightseeing was also a highlight, going to the top of the Rockefeller Centre and seeing all over New York City was incredible. Travelling through Central Park in a horse and carriage, Times Square, Grand Central Station, high tea at The Plaza and to be honest everything was so incredible it seems like a blur to me now, except, an amazingly incredible blur that I’m very thankful that I have photos of! 

    But the most incredible thing out of the whole trip would definitely have to be the test shoot that we did in the streets of New York. With multiple different outfits, on a random Vespa in the street, and with fire hydrants it all equalled the most incredible experience of my entire life. 


    Shopping at M'nM World



    The whole experience of travelling overseas with no family, meeting agencies, famous models, shooting in New York, and being independent was the most incredible thing and I am ever so grateful for it and everybody who made it possible.

    Thankyou NEXT for having me and Ursula, Nat and Rebecca for accompanying me!

    I had the most incredible time, so believe in yourself, you never know what might happen to you!

    Liv xx

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