We Saw Captain America: Civil War Early!

by Claire Low | Apr 29, 2016
Since Captain America: Civil War is in cinemas today (28 April), we thought we’d share our random thoughts from last night’s super-exclusive screening (there were comic books on the seats, you guys!). Warning: spoilers ahead…
1. Watching ScarJo’s Black Widow in butt-kicking mode is always epic, but why can’t female superheroes ever tie back their hair? OK, the reason’s pretty obvi, but come on, as if the Black Widow wouldn’t have an elastic on her wrist for this occasion.
2. Yeah, sure Thor: Ragnarok is coming next year but that’s a looooong time to get a Thor fix, y’know. ~waits patiently for the hotness~
3. What’s up with the way superheroes can take their masks off and look nice and fresh, even if they’ve been in an intense physical fight up until then? Like Black Panther takes off his mask and Chadwick Boseman’s looking all fantastic. He’s not even out of breath. Is this one of the many benefits of being a superhero? Anti-perspirant powers?
4. Scarlet Witch is a babe, tho. Massive babe. Wardrobe also on-point.
5. Watching Vision flirt with her is suuuuper cute. Who could fail to love a bright red super being with a posh voice?
6. How adorable is fetus Tony Stark?
7. How come Marisa Tomei still looks like that? She’s 51! #dayyyyuummm
8. Epic battle scene is epic… but Hawkeye? Nah, bro. Katniss did it better.



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