Do you give a brick?!

by Laura, Features and Entertainment Editor | Dec 23, 2014
How many of you have ever shopped at Cotton On? Don’t tell me – I know, it’s HEAPS, right? 

Well, in addition to their very cool clothes, and very well priced PJs, they have a charity – it’s called Cotton On Foundation. They’ve spent the last decade working in Southern Uganda and their current mission is to provide 20,000 kids with education by 2020. Sounds totally impossible to us, but these guys are, like, extremely good at their jobs. They’ve got a campaign running in November and December called I Give A Brick, and it’s super easy to get amongst and we’re on the home stretch and IT’S CHRISTMAS so come onnnnnnn guys. 


cotton-on foundation

Basically, you can share the hashtag on social media (check out the Insta tags to see what your fellow humans have been doing), or you can pick up a delightful little treat in-store (or online at - just follow the links to the Foundation page). I can personally recommend the sour watermelon mints – which were a great crowd-pleaser at the GF Christmas Party this year – and the sweet as sugar, hand-made jewellery. Who doesn’t need more fluoro pink pom-poms in their life? NO-ONE, that’s who. Pom-poms for President! 


cotton-on foundation

There are also some really neat little friendship bands that cost… wait for it… two dollars. All this money raised goes into a big jar (well, not literally) and the COF are hoping they can make it to one million buckos. That figure seems ‘uuuuuge, but it’s just enough to build a really great school in the town of Nubbunga, complete with 10 classrooms, a staff room, teacher’s housing for 5 people, a playfield, a kitchen, two offices, toilets, a veggie garden, access to clean water, 2 meals a day for all students, and areas for cows, pigs and chickens. YEP, ALL THAT. Pretty amazing, huh? As COF very excellently put it, “We are not just building a school, we are building a future for an entire community.” 

I totally get that sometimes you do not want to haul your butt out of bed and sit through double history and study for exams, but these very special people would do anything for that chance. It makes you realize how blessed we actually are. So in the spirit of being an absolute legend, and Christmas and that, give the gift that keeps on giving this festive season and spread the love a little further. 


  1. 16 kaitlyn 09 Mar
    I think this foundation is a great idea and everyone should take part in it!! I have already been purchasing wrist bands and water bottles to help with the foundation and I hope others are to. everytime I go to cotton on ( which btw I love) I have purchased a wrist ban.!!!! :) hope everyone gets encouraged.
  2. 15 kaitlyn 09 Mar
    best thing out!!!! everyone just pull a two dollar coin and go purchase a band it is for a great cause and you will be feeing very proud about your actions. I love cotton on and I have purchased bands so many times. we all need to get encouraged and help out because we all have a Chance to have an education and that is a dream for young kids so why don't we help make there dreams come true!!! xxxx P.s the bands are so pretty and cute little things purchase one :)
  3. 14 kaitlyn 09 Mar
    do you want to help  child's dream come true?? well donate to this foundation. this foundation is the best thing out giving young kids a chance at getting an education and a normal childhood like we have. $2 dollars isn't that much and it goes a long way purchasing a band would make you feel like you have helped out with letting kids have the happiness they deserve. :) I believe that we should all take part in this and just every time you go to cotton on make a wrist band a part of your purchase. !!! p.s they are the cutest prettiest bands ever! I love cotton on!!
  4. 13 Natasha 23 Mar
    We can so easily forget how lucky we all are to live here in Australia. Looking at the third world children on our television and pictures on the media makes me very sad. We can all play our part in helping just like Cotton On is playing their part we can too. $2 can make such a big difference. 
  5. 12 Liz 21 Apr
    I am really happy that popular shops are participating in these types of things. Supre is selling water, mints and other goodies including key chains for a No Bullying association, Sportsgirl is paired up with the Butterfly Foundation which is supporting people (girls mainly) with eating disorders and now Cotton On with the I Give a Brick foundation. Unfortunately, Cotton On clothing doesn't quite fit me but I still pop in there with mum and buy water and mints. I hope other big clothing stores will start this amazing trend and I hope they never stop. By the way, I give a brick!!!! :)
    Love Liz xxx
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