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The deliciousness that is Too Faced products just went next level. From the people that brought us the iconic chocolate scented eye-shadow palettes, we now have brownie scented brow pencils. This is not a drill.

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Sure to be a sell out, the new range smells like everyone's favourite baked slice (if it's not your favourite please leave). Infused with cocoa powder, there are four shades in the range: Taupe, Auburn, Soft Brown and Deep Brown. The angled top and spoolie end make it the perfect compact brow friend. 

The above pic doesn't really show you how good the colours are and they're so new that no one has swatches yet (plus they're only available on the Home Shopping Network right now). We don't have any word when they'll be dropping in Australia but BROWNIES GUYS. 

We actually can't wait to smell them. Let's just hope they're not ~too~ good coz, might eat the pencil. 


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