Image: YouTube

Dumpster diving is the new beauty trend going OFF on social media, and yes, it's exactly what you think. Beauty bloggers are scoring over $2000 worth of products in a week by going through bins out the back of major beauty retailers like Mecca and Sephora. 

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Girls are doing it not only to save money, but to highlight how wasteful big brands can be and the environmental impact of it. It's pretty crazy, but many beauty bloggers (read XO Jane's diving tale here) are trying it and going viral after sharing their hauls on YouTube.

YouTuber, Shelbizleee, has a few great haul videos that ALWAYS stress how to dive in a sanitary way. She tells Broadly: "I don't use any liquid lipsticks, anything that could have been contaminated and couldn't be sanitized."

Check it out...

Shelbizleee even has a tips and tricks video on how to best dumpster dive! We can't recommend dumpster diving because you could cut or hurt yourself in there, and you don’t want to get in trouble with local council or the brands you’re targeting. But you’ve gotta give these vloggers points for creativity!

Would you ever dumpster dive for beauty products? 

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