Image: Archie Price/Girlfriend

She’s the one! Emily Rink, 15, of Queensland, is THE face of 2015 after we went nationwide in a search for a confident girl with a unique look in this year’s Girlfriend Priceline Pharmacy Model Search, now in its 25th year. Want to get to know the singing, horse-riding beauty and discover ALL her secrets? Oh yeah, you do…


When I found out I was the winner of the 2015 Girlfriend Priceline Pharmacy Model Search, the first thing I did was… went, ‘Oh my God’ and couldn’t believe it and kept on laughing and smiling until my cheeks hurt.

Image: 7live

The best thing about my GFMS photo shoot was… getting a feel for what the modelling industry is like. It was very glamorous and meeting the Girlfriend team and getting my hair and makeup done was an amazing experience.
The key to looking great in a photo is… working out which angles are right for you. If a photographer asks you for a different position, that will give you an indication of what is good to do. I wasn’t too nervous in the photo shoot, more excited to muck around and try different things.
My best advice to other girls who want to enter next year is… to be very happy and confident because that is what Girlfriend is looking for. Just have a go and see how far it will take you. It could be any of you! Everyone should have a go.
My can’t-live-without Models Prefer product is… the Sky High Mascara – I love it, I have tiny eyelashes and it makes them look so much bigger with more volume.
My top-secret beauty tip is… to be as natural as possible – not too much foundation, just a bit of eyeshadow and mascara and lots of moisturiser to look like a healthy happy girl.

But my inner beauty secret is… to be happy with yourself and try not to compare yourself to others. What matters is how you see yourself. Also - don’t take yourself too seriously.
If I could be in a photoshoot with my celeb crush, I’d definitely be calling… Dylan
O’Brien because he’s very charismatic and funny, he’d be fun to work with and acting is something I want to get into.
The thing no one would guess about me is… I’m a singer! I sang at the Girlfriend state event on stage in Queensland. I sang Hallelujah (the Leonard Cohen version) because I wanted the Priceline Pharmacy gift card and I won!
My most treasured possession is… my horse Doreen, a thoroughbred.
If I could switch places with anyone in the world, they would be... Beyoncé because she’s absolutely amazing and no-one can be like her.

Image: Archie Price/Girlfriend

My biggest fear is… 
heights and spiders. Spiders are number 1!
If my life had a theme song, it would be… Don’t Worry, Be Happy.
My secret shame is… I love watching TV shows all the time! I love The Vampire Diaries and Awkward and Teen Wolf.
If I could change the world, I would… go over and help kids in Africa, do charity work and help fight poverty in Third World countries.
My guilty pleasure is… I could eat chocolate and cheesecake all day.
My weird-yet-awesome fave food combo is… I love peanut butter and jelly – it’s normal in America, but not over here. I also love hot chips with ice cream.


Emoji: The eye roll
Instagram filter: Black and white
Social media platform: Snapchat. I’m Emily-Rink
Food: Sushi
School subject: Drama
Book: Tomorrow When the War Began
Movie: The Maze Runner
Word: Inspiration

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