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Stephanie Rice I Am Beautiful

Olympic gold medallist, and face of Davenport, Stephanie Rice is not only a champion in the pool, but also with her winning positive body image.

Research shows that people who are unhappy with their own body are likely to think celebrities are thinner than they really are, so we wanted a celebrity to represent this campaign who was prepared to be open and honest about their own body image. Stephanie Rice was our first choice – she is a beautiful, successful female who doesn’t have a size eight body.

Q. Why is being part of ‘I Am Beautiful’ so important to you?

It’s really important for teenage girls to know there isn’t just one stereotyped image for them to live up to. You have to be comfortable with what you’ve got. The best way to look at it is, make the best of what you have. I know I’m never going to have a stick-thin figure because that’s not what I was given. But my body shape is perfect for what I do. There really needs to be less pressure, competition and judgement between girls – that can all be so hurtful.

We asked you which celebrities have the least respect for their bodies and you overwhelmingly voted for Lindsay Lohan (57 per cent), followed by Heidi Montag (32 per cent) and Paris Hilton (29 per cent), so we have decided to ban them from our pages.