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Party Rockers LMFAO Pic: Getty

Here are our best tips to amp up your party season and make it the most memorable yet!

To you, summer is spelt only one way: P-A-R-T-Y! You're just itching for the party season to start.


Your summer bash will be more memorable than any bad hair cut, with just a few simple touches.

Start with a theme.

Something summery to get your friends into the spirit should do the trick. Get everyone to dress up in costumes, or just in their fave summer outfits, to create a great vibe for your party.

Personalise your invites to match your theme.

Why not decorate them with pics of great moments with your friends from last summer? Your guests will love the personal touch and it’ll bring back great memories.

Complement the night with great food.

If you’ve got some extra cash, why not hire a slurpee machine? Or simply bring out the BBQ. An instant crowd pleaser, and a summer favourite all in one!

You just can’t have the ultimate summer bash without the hottest tracks.

And a few slower ones for you to get a bit closer to that totally gorgeous guy you’ve had your eye on for ages! Mix old party favourites with the hottest new tracks for a winning combination.

Take time with your guest list.

There is definitely something to be said for a party where only an exclusive group of people are invited. Invite the people you know and love to make your party a blast.

If the summer party circuit has never been something you’re a part of then things are about to change.

* Broaden your group of friends and take time out regularly to get to know other people. You can’t blame someone for not inviting you to their party if you have never even spoken to them!

* Once you get invites, treasure them! Don’t play it too cool when you’re invited to parties. Let the person who invited you know you appreciate the invite and then think carefully about whether or not you will attend.

* Remember to RSVP and let people know you’re coming. And stick to it! Nobody likes a no-show. If you can’t make it, be polite and tell them.

* Use any party you’re at to socialise. Be bold and strike up a conversation with someone new. They are bound to notice how fabulous you are and invite you to their next bash.


A great party is memorable for all the right reasons and not those embarrassing ones you always come to regret. You want to be remembered as that awesome girl on the dance floor, rather than the one who kissed three guys.


- Always let an adult know where you are.

- Always get your own drinks or watch when other people are pouring them for you. If you start to feel unusual from your drink, tell someone straight away and stop drinking. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

- Don’t be afraid to pull a friend aside if you think she’s getting into a bad situation. You would want her to do the same for you.

- Always have a way to get home or leave if you need to. You don’t want to end up stuck at a bad party, and you never want to get into a car with someone who has been drinking alcohol.

- When it comes to drugs and alcohol, you don’t have to do it because everyone else is. You never know how it will affect you. Stick with your gut instinct and avoid the bad situations these could get you into.

Keep up your good party cred by following these post-party rules:

- Never badmouth a party, no matter how bad it was! Even though everyone may be talking about it, set yourself apart by not joining in.

- Make an effort to talk to the host of the party the day after to thank them.

- One of the best things about parties is seeing the awesome pics afterwards. Just make sure you don’t post pics on Facebook that make your friends look bad. You would want them to do the same to you!


- DO have a blast. Your mood will help others have a great time.
- DON’T get pressured into things you don’t want to do.
- DO ask that gorgeous guy to dance with you.
- DON’T be the girl who spends the party gossiping about others.
- DO have your friends’ backs at any party.

- DON’T get into illegal activities or drugs. You don’t need them!

Words: Sarah Sheridan