Girlfriend reader Danika
Girlfriend reader Danika, who took part in this feature.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Too small boobs? Too big hips? Faults, faults, faults? When we stand in front of the mirror, we become mean girls – to ourselves. If anybody else talked that much trash about our bodies we’d slap them – yet we allow ourselves to do it. Ironically, what we see is rarely what others do. And to prove it, we put one reader to the test.

THE GIRL: Danika, 14 “I’m a dancer, so the first thing I see is that I don’t have a dancer’s body. They’re normally very slim, so I’m way too muscly and curvy, and my boobs are too big. I always look straight to the one pimple on my face, which seems to override my nice eyes, teeth and good hair. I try to focus on positives but it’s hard, when all I see are the negatives looking back at me.”

THE GIRL BESTIE: Rachael, 14 “When Danika walks into the room, the first thing I notice is how pretty she is. She has beautiful deep-brown eyes, to-die-for hair (that everyone loves), pearly-white teeth and a beautiful hourglass figure. I love how she has a muscular body and this gorgeous hourglass figure with such a tiny waist. Danika often puts herself down, which is really sad because she doesn’t see the beautiful person everyone else does.”

THE BOY BESTIE: Connor, 15 “I notice her hair first – it’s great and suits her. I also notice her face; I reckon she’s one of the prettiest girls in our year. But I also like her body. She isn’t too skinny and isn’t fat, so I think she’s the perfect size. I think Danika looks her best when she’s dancing. I don’t notice if she gets a pimple, puts on or loses weight because she doesn’t need to! Plus, she has nice skin, and a great sense of fashion. If I could tell her anything, it’s that she’s perfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing about her.”

THE MUM: “I think she’s so beautiful! She’s got a beautiful body, but I know she doesn’t think so. The first thing I notice is her teeth. I know it’s weird but she has these amazing teeth! She has gorgeous, big, brown eyes and this beautiful hair that everyone wants. On her body, I love her legs the most. She has the most fantastic legs. When she points her toes there’s all this muscle; I think it’s stunning.”

“I don’t notice any of her blemishes and I know no one else does. She’s very happy as a person and I think she’s confident with her everyday self. But with dancing she puts on her leotard and it’s, ‘Look at my legs, look at my stomach, look at my boobs’. That said she still has the guts and passion to put on that leotard because she loves it so much. It makes me sad when she puts herself down because I just think she’s beautiful. She has this amazing body that she can do amazing things with and she doesn’t see it.”