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Imagine having to send your Dad to buy sanitary stuff when you’re on your period... OMG cringeeeee!?!?!

This sounds so awkward but one teen’s Dad definitely knows how to give us all a laff.

Tia Savva shared screenshots of texts with her Dad when he went to Tescos supermarket to buy her pads and they are *actual* rolling-on-the-floor-laughing quality. Like most Dads, he even cursed at the price! Umm... Like, that’s cool Dad I’ll just bleed everywhere because they cost money! *sighs*

Being a girl I guess you don’t think about how complicated sanitary items can be to people who don’t get periods themselves... Who'd have thought?! Tia’s Dad had to learn real quick though when faced with options of wings or no wings, scented or non-scented, super or regular and it goes on (wow that’s actually a lot of options and YES WE WANT SCENTED – this shouldn’t even be an option, right?)

Oh and #sorrynotsorry for the awkward judgey looks dad.

And then we realise how hard dads try and that’s why we’re daddy’s girls.