The year 12 formal is kinda one of the biggest events of your schooling life, right? So you want everything to just go suuuper smooth and with no dramas and everyone to just be chill so you can rock up looking fierce and slay the dance floor. That's *basically* what this girl in the US called Sydney Rucker wanted and *basically* what her Dad did his best to ruin by sending her a few surprise pictures that she FULL didn't expect. Like... at all!

She bought this babe'n powder blue dress with neck tie situation that would've looked SO hot, but the silly thing let her Dad get to it first, and... Well... You can see for yourself. 

Basically, he stood in front of her mirror and snapped a few shots of HIM IN THE DRESS, working the same poses as she obviously does in the mirror all the time. Hands up if you're guilty! Haha✋ It's probably one of the best things the internet's seen. Check him out...