The stresssss! Choosing what to do after school can be one big, stressy decision that you don't wanna do, but have to! Whether you want to be a gardener, doctor, lawyer, vet, travel agent, professional chauffeur or tour guide, the choices are endless! And your besties are in the same boat! We know the feels...

When your teacher's like 'take this careers test and it'll help clarify things...'. Ummm! 


When you and your BFF are thinking of going for the same job.

When you leave the job interview and you KNOW you didn't get it :(


When you need the job regardlesss! 😂


Got the job. Fiesta time! 

Your friends give you congrats on landing that new gig. You're all like 'yep, thanks.'


Day 1 is tomorrow and you just got on fleek!

- James Banham