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Friends are the family you choose; like hello who else would you tell EVERYTHING to? Some besties you can bond with over the ability to entirely quote Friends or how you can talk for hours over who you think A is. Some besties have been there since the first day of school.

And sometimes you can be so totally wrong and end up with a Toxic Friend.

But usually the find ‘the ones’ and you realise how lucky you are!



1. They are really happy for you when something goes well

When you tell them some good or exciting news and they are all ‘yassss’ and ‘ you go guuurrrl’ and you know they are just as happy as you are. They value you and your accomplishments and you know that they do not see you as competition. 

2. They are more than comfortable wearing underwear around you

We are pretty sure that this is a universal rule. If they are comfortable with this are they really your BFF? Jokes!

3. They forgive you when you lash out

And you do. The hormonal everything is getting on your last nerve, if someone just looks at you wrong and you snap rants that you take out on your bestie. You are literally unleashing the beast inside and your bestie sits there wide-eyed jaw dropped wondering what she did. Then moves on as soon as you are finished like nothing ever happened.

4. They treat your birthday as a big deal

Besties ignore the ‘pleas’ for ignoring of your birthday. Even if it’s a small get together they will always celebrate your birthday! And there will always be a picture collage of your fave memories with the squad.


5. They will tell you when you are being an idiot

For real. They are not afraid to call you on bring, basic, catty or childish. You guys are close enough to say this and move on. 

6. They will call you out on a bad fashion choice

Besties are honest to the core. If a fashion choice isn’t on point, it will be met with a chorus of ‘Girl, what is going on here? Then some RuPaul finger snaps and some changes later and HELLO FABULOUS! Besties have your back.

7. They know how to cheer you up

When we are upset we like a giant tub of ice cream, a duvet and a Netflix binge. These guys know this too! They will be there arms open with the ice cream and PLL reruns . If you are the type that likes to be alone when you are upset, they know this and will respect this too.



8. Your enemies are their enemies

That girl who gave you the side eye that one time, she now gets the side eyes from the besties.


9. They know your whole life

Your first crush, first kiss. Real BFFs listen and remember. They are Facebook friends with your mum and will like her posts on the reg.

10. They will cover for you

For anything, Slightly exaggerated a story? They will follow on with out a hitch and even add some exaggerations of their own to back you up. 

11. They will go out of their way to be there for you

Friendships, like relationships come with an element of sacrifice.  You need them at 2am? They will sacrifice sleep and answer the phone just to hear you gush about how good of a dream you had about bae.

- Sophie Mudge