Image: YouTube

If you haven't heard Troye Sivan's new music then you simply must. Right now! Right here. His new album Blue Neighbourhood is dropping December 4th and he's confirmed what we've all figured out: the whole album is inspired by events in life. And he feels kinda awkward about it....

Troye was chatting to the Daily Star when he revealed his mission behind the album: "It's a lot of honesty. It's a little uncomfortable sometimes because of how honest it is. I didn't hold back with anything and I'm really proud of it. There were a lot of goals for the trilogy, so basically I'd written these three songs, one, 'Wild' - it was about the beginnings of a relationship, two, 'Fools' was a song about that relationship falling apart and then three, 'Talk Me Down' is like the result of that​. And then within that I had a couple of goals, first I wanted to normalise LGBT relationships as much as I could."


Our boy (who is actually our spirit animal) went on to drop some #TruthTea on stereotypes: "Then I wanted to show just how impactful people's reactions to someone coming out can be. If you're supportive or not supportive and what a big difference that can make and I wanted to just send out a message, not only to LGBTQ people but also everyone around them, being like 'your words have impact and power, you can make or break someone's life.' The actual plot line in the videos is not autobiographical, there's sort of autobiographical elements."​

We are BEYOND proud of Troye's journey and if he can make a difference to the LGBTQ community with his music we say SLAY SLAY SLAY!!!


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