Cody Simpson at The Hunger Games world premiere
Cody Simpson at The Hunger Games world premiere. Pic: Getty

On the eve of his appearance (and nomination!) at the US Kid's Choice Awards in LA, Cody took time out to chat to us.

Girlfriend: Congratulations on your US KCA nomination, what's the coolest thing about being nominated?

Cody: This is my first nomination for a US KCA award. It was huge thrill for me to win 3 awards last year at the Aussie KCAs and to perform at the award show and to now get some recognition in the US KCAs feels great. Feels like I must be doing something right!

What do you look forward to when attending the KCA?

There is always so much energy in the room. The hosts are always hilarious, the performances always great and it is grand seeing people of all ages laughing and having fun. It seems like you can’t be too young or too old to enjoy the show.

What is something not even your most loyal fans know about you?

I'd rather just stay a mystery!


Do you miss Australia? Or would you call yourself a US citizen now that you spend so much time there?

The status on my work visa in USA says: O1 - Alien of Extraordinary Ability; weird huh? So I guess that means I am not considered a US citizen! Perhaps a citizen of Mars! Haha. I am enjoying living in the US and doing what I love to do with my career however I will always call Australia home.

What do you miss the most about Australia?

My friends and family back home mean so much to me and I miss being able to see them as often as I would like. I also miss the beaches of the Gold Coast and watching the sun rise over the ocean before going for an early wave.

Cody visits US Radio station Q102

Cody visits US Radio station Q102. Pic: Getty

What's next for Cody Simpson?

Right now I am in the studio in LA working really hard on finishing the debut album. I hope to get it out in early June before my tour of the US from July to September. I really hope to be back touring Australia as soon as I can after that. This month we are also shooting a video for my single So Listen feat. T-Pain so we are working hard on preparation for that. Can’t wait to release that video.

If you could work with any artist living or dead who would it be?

I would do a huge collaboration with Elvis PresleyJustin TimberlakeJack Johnson. They all have inspired me in some way so it would be crazy to be able to have them all in the same room at the same time. Shame we can’t all live forever but these people and their contribution to music will.

How do you prepare for a possible sliming at the KCAs?

I definitely don’t wear my favourite suit! No matter how you much you think you can, there is no way to prepare for that moment when you get slimed. I've been slimed many times. It's cold, wet and slimy. Having said that, I would rather watch someone else get slimed than get slimed again myself!

Who will you be taking as a date to the KCAs?
The most recent red carpet I walked was a movie premiere and I took my Grandma as my date. Grandma had a ball and she became a #1 trending topic on twitter for the day. Hopefully for the KCAs this year I am going to have a good mate from Australia visiting me in LA so I will take him along if the timing works out. Obviously not a date, haha.

If you were to win, what would you like to say to everyone?

My fellow competition are all amazing people and big stars. I am a fan of each and every one of them so I would be truly humbled if I happened to win. My swimming coach always said, "Don't be writing your victory speech while the race is still on".

The US Nick Kid's Choice Awards will be held in LA on March 31st, 2012, and fast-tracked for screening locally on Nickelodeon on April 1st.

For more info on the US KCA's, head to the Official Kid's Choice Awards page on the Australian Nickelodeon site.

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