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After extensive research in the boy department (read: we ask the dudes we work with), we've found it's the confident chicks who "don't need no man" with the air of don’t care who land the dudes. Seriously. Here's why....

Boys Like To Chase

Yes, there's something a bit caveman about it, but nevertheless it rings true. If you say yes every time and agree to everything he says or wants, there's no challenge for him. It's like winning Mario Kart to a toddler. Game over. He wants to feel like he's achieved something by winning you over and scoring a date with you. Disagreeing with him won't make him like you les - and if it does, send him back to the 1700s.

They Know You Can Hold Your Own
As much as guys love to play the knight, there's nothing that makes them more proud and comfortable than someone who knows how to look after herself, hang with her mates and independent. Who wouldn't wanna be that person, right? If you're the kinda girl who happens to be independent and not need him around, it'll make him want to be around you more!


The Sugar & Spice Factor

Us girls are pretty. We're soft and floaty to look at. So when we get all tough and show a bit of attitude, not only is it totally unexpected, but it adds another element to out personality and another challenge. Knowing they can't walk all over us but at then same time, that we can be reduced to giggling mush at the sight of a puppy is an exciting and appealing contradiction. 

Confidence Is Contagious

You know the saying, "If you're told something enough, you start to believe it"? For us girls, it's usually the bad things that we want to believe. But if you are constantly being 'up' and believing you are amazing, other people around you - including boys - will think you're the shiz, too. Having confidence will make him feel lucky to be with you. 


You Learn, He Learns

Having your own interest and own stuff going on means he'll learn more about you, what you like, what he likes and keep interested in what you give to him. The more matey you are to him, the more relaxed he'll feel and more time he'll want to spend with you, meaning he'll keep learning and keep interested. Everyone wins! 

James Banham