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Over 5,500 single men and women were surveyed about a variety of things including what turns them off the most when they check out a potential dates Instagram page. Let's just say the results are interesting (and make us feel guilty lol).

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The many single-and-ready-to-mingle folk who answered questions about their Instagram crushing have revealed what NOT to do... and you thought that guy wasn't even looking at your page!
This ~might~ make you rethink everything you thought about the gram...

The Top 4 Things Men Hate:
1. Using too many hashtags

2. Using trendy hashtags like #TBT #WCW #MCM

3. Posting photos of babies

4. Posting inspirational quotes


The Top 4 Things Women Hate:
1. Sharing "body" photos
2. Using lots of hashtags
3. Posting workout photos

4. Using trending hashtags á la #MOOD #VIBES #ONPOINT


Essentially, the study has proved that we all hate the same things: Basic hashtags and narcissisim. Er... isn't that like 80% of people on Instagram?
No need to go changing your habits to impress the opposite sex on the IG, but at least now you know how pissed off that inspirational quote tile makes them feel. #NoRegrets


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