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Think scoring a BF will be the magical ticket to the land of awesome? Err, not so much. In fact if you enter into coupledom before you’re ready there’s a whole lot that can go wrong before you even get to the cute couple selfies. One of the big ones is knowing yourself first, and having your own independence.

Not sure if you're independent? Being independent is like channeling your inner Beyonce. You do't need nobody telling you what to do or how to do it. You like the way you dress, jam out to the music you like *oh haaayyy Little Mix!*, and know where you wanna go in life. Look out! 


1. Solve a tricky problem on your own. 

Life can be hard sometimes when tough things come our way. Next time you're faced with a brainteaser, the knee-jerk response can be to delegate. But next time, the illogical rears its head, try tackling it yourself and resolve the issue. By fixing things and making decisions yourself, you'll learn to be little miss independent and know what you're capable of. 


2. Pursue a new hobby. 

There's a whole new world of stuff out there to do that's just itching for you to try it. Getting involved with a new hobby helps you form your own unique identity and skill set. You can meet new people and enjoy a self esteem boost when you get good at what you're doing. 


3. Cash-up with a casual job. 

Working hard for the money is the ultimate way to feel independent - the feeling is having a fat wad of cash = sweet! Plus, you can find a new squad and start to think about what you do (or don't) wanna do for work in the future. 

4. Your own favourite subject. 

Smashing your studies isn’t just good for impressing your rents. Like, the whole point you’re there is to set yourself up for whatever life you want post-school.  Whatever field you’re interested in, if you pour your passion and energy into it you’ll always do well… and that achievement will be all YOURS.

James Banham